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Does Your Garden Need a Swim Spa?

Swim Spa

Summer has officially started throughout parts of the world, and people are looking for ways to cool off from the sweltering heat it brings. No one wants to stay inside, trapped with the air conditioning. We all love to be outdoors.

That’s why a lot of homeowners attempt to turn their garden into an oasis of sorts using landscaping, furnishings, and by looking for swim spa sales to add the ideal water experience.

This feature is different from a conventional pool in that it is compact, offers simple installation, and is suitable for virtually any garden space with the potential for hours of entertainment for everyone.

While this will be the focal point of the space, there are many design techniques to encompass the structure to further make the environment cool, inviting, and relaxing. Let’s learn.

What Are Some Tips for Making Your Garden Conducive to a Swim Spa?

Many people find themselves trapped inside during the hot summer months with the air conditioning system to avoid the sweltering heat. Most look forlornly at their garden wishing there was a way to experience the outdoors without the threat of heat overwhelm.

Fortunately, there are ways you can design your garden as a sort of extension of your living space, with the primary feature being a swim spa instead of a conventional pool.

Often a pool is a bit too cumbersome in the space it requires and will repeatedly need mounds of maintenance, taking away from the enjoyment of the structure.

The swim spa installs simply and is a compact addition to the garden allowing more people accessibility. Find out what a “spool pool” is at How can you ensure you get the maximum benefit from your swim spa throughout the full summer season? Follow a few of these tips.

Indulge in Privacy, Plus Add Some Shade Around the Feature

When wallowing in the cool waters of the swim spa pool, privacy is a must to genuinely enjoy the experience and relax. You might also want to engage in a hardcore workout, another possible use when it’s time for the wellness component of the day.

Regardless of your purpose when indulging in the water, no one wants to be on display for the community. There are ways to prevent being in the spotlight.

  1. Privacy vegetation

In-ground or potted trees or plants have the potential to grow to great heights. Most of these make incredible screens blocking the view of the garden and providing significant shade for the space as well.

For those who might not be particularly good with live foliage, you can invest in privacy screens or fencing to create a similar effect. While these might not be as attractive as a beautiful plant, you can add paint or decorations to liven up the blank surface.

  1. Drapes

Another suggestion is to work in the highest “sightline” spots by placing drapery or shades to offer added privacy but also to provide shading surrounding the garden space and the water feature.

These offer a beautiful aesthetic in the summertime, plus they’re removable and can be relocated at will. The colors, sizes, and shapes are limitless, allowing coordination with the home’s design scheme.

Swim Spa

Lighting Always Adds Ambiance

Lighting always adds an inviting touch on summer nights, and you can achieve that in a few different ways.

  1. The addition of a fire pit

A fire feature is not out of place on a warm summer evening. The fire pit will be a welcome addition and will be used frequently in the daytime and at night while enjoying the cool water by its glow. Look here for details on swim spas.

  1. Light up the walkways and patios

String lights are a subtle yet striking option if you want to add ambiance to your garden surrounding your water structure. The soft glow in the evening takes up minimal space. Plus, you have many options with these features, whether solar-powered or battery-operated, not to mention varied colors and styles.

These will guide your way to the swim spa setting a relaxing and calm mood while keeping the area safe, allowing you to find your way in the dark.

Final Thought

A swim spa and a well-designed garden space extend the living area allowing homeowners to venture out of the trap of air-conditioned rooms in the dead of the summer heat and come back outside.

Sadly, as temperatures become extreme, people feel their time outdoors is over until the fall weather comes back around. That doesn’t have to be true.

When you add a feature like a swim spa pool and use a few design techniques meant to keep your garden cool and relaxing, you don’t have to be stuck on the inside of your own home.

And with the cool water and shaded areas, the heat will be less likely to overwhelm if you take the necessary precautions. People need to get back out in their garden spaces. But they need a reason to. Maybe you should try to make yours worthwhile.

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