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How to Get Rid of Constant Interference
On Your TV Screen?

Do you like watching TV?

Have you ever been completely absorbed in the plot of a movie, caught up in the problems of the main characters, watching their every move? And then, right before the climax, your TV stops working. Once again, there's something wrong with the antenna! You have to get up and check what caused the malfunction this time.

Keep reading to understand whether you can fix your antenna yourself or will have to rely on a technician.

Digital TV Antenna

Criteria You Can Use to Determine If Your Antenna is Malfunctioning:

  • Physical failure of the pole or antenna;
  • Complete or partial absence of signal;
  • The disappearance of one or more of your favorite channels;
  • Interruptions in signal reception during rain or strong winds;
  • Snow on the screen, image pixelation, etc.

If one or more of these problems appear, you will probably have to have your antenna repaired or completely replaced.

For starters, you can test your antenna yourself on some parameters and fix any small glitches or malfunctions you find.

How Do I Test Digital TV Antenna And Other Communication Equipment Myself?

  1. See if your antenna is pointing in the same direction as your neighbor's. Perhaps it can be corrected to improve the signal. Make sure it is not broken by high winds or damaged by birds. Inspect the antenna from below, do not put your safety at risk. And if it's hard to tell from the ground if there is damage or not, call a digital antenna repairman who has special equipment for high-altitude work. 
  2. Examine your TV's input. Is the antenna connector working or broken? You can check this on your second TV by plugging it in. If there is a connection, then it is probably your TV.
  3. Make sure that the TV outlet is firmly attached. Over time, the connectors may become loose and additional mounting will be required.
  4. Check the condition of the internal and external antenna cable for damage. If you find any malfunction, this may be the cause. If the antenna cable is broken, do not try to fix the problem yourself. Trust a professional with experience in digital antenna repair.

Depending on the defects found, you will be able to understand the extent of damage to your antenna. However, if there's no damage found, and your TV still doesn't work, it's time to think about calling an antenna repairman.

Why Is It Better To Contact The Experts Than To Repair Your Digital TV Antenna Yourself?

You often have to pay double the price for repairs made with your own hands when technicians redo your inexperienced work. During repair, even the smallest detail can affect the digital antenna's performance and broadcast quality. 

Another significant point is that to properly diagnose and repair your antenna, you need special equipment, which installation, repair, and maintenance professionals from the digital TV antennas company are already equipped with. 

Where To Order Digital TV Antenna Installation For Your Home?

Depending on your location, you can choose qualified professionals by relying on reviews and recommendations from your friends. 

If your home is located in Albury-Wodonga or the surrounding area, call Matrix Solutions. Once they receive your request, technicians come out in RVs fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. They can diagnose and fix any problems you're experiencing with your TV on the spot. 

If you want a new digital antenna, they will install the highest quality equipment with a 20-year warranty and service. And you'll be able to enjoy your favorite movies and shows without worrying that you won't see them through to the end again!

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