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Avail Vivid Information About Different Types
of Bathroom Vanities

Vanities have shown their presence since ancient times. They were made in such a way that they contained jars, makeup kits, mirror, perfumes, and many other things. Bathroom vanities occurred in the form of furniture in 17th century in Europe and the USA. Vanities were used to make the bathroom luxurious. Now vanities can be found in many homes and they are of various types. In this article, we will talk about different types of bathroom vanities.

Different Types of Bathroom
  • Vanity Cabinet

Vanity cabinets are extremely popular which can be found in most of the bathrooms. If your bathroom has enough space, you can go for vanity cabinet. Vanity cabinet can be used to store many things like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shaving kit, make up kit, and many other things. People can also attach a mirror to the vanity.

  • Vessel Vanity

Vessel vanities have the look of a vessel in which different things can be stored. In this type of vanity, sink can be fitted in such a way that it gives the look of a bowl. Such a look will grab the attention of the visitors and they will appreciate it. Such vanities are extremely popular in the bathrooms of hotels because their decoration is very luxurious. This vanity can also be installed in houses, especially if the size of the bathroom is not exceptionally large. The storage facility is provided at the bottom of this vanity. One disadvantage is that people may think that such a vanity has been installed because of lack of space in the bathroom.

  • Free Standing Vanity

A free-standing vanity has to be installed on the floor. The main advantage is that these bathroom vanities can be moved easily from one place to another. The design of these vanities can be either in the shape of a square or rectangle. One disadvantage of this vanity is that it may or may not have cabinets for storage. This vanity is quite common and can be found in many bathrooms.

  • Under-Mounted Sink Vanity

There are many bathrooms in which sinks can be found under mounted. Sank and vanity can be installed in any way. If the sink is mounted under the vanity, residents will get a lot of space on the top to keep different things. As the sink is present under the vanity, so there will be no chance that anybody collide with it and get hurt. The sink under the vanity gives beauty to the bathroom and that is the reason such a vanity can be found in many houses.

  • Floating Vanity

Floating bathroom vanities are very convenient as they can be hanged on the wall easily and space on the floor can be preserved for other things. If a person does not want a lot of drawers then this vanity is the best option for his bathroom. Space is the biggest benefit that this type of vanity provides. Installation of this vanity is also extremely easy. If the bathroom is small and anybody wants to install a vanity, then floating vanity is a particularly good option. One disadvantage with this vanity is that nobody should put a lot of force on it as there are chances that it can fall down and the person exerting force may get injured.

  • Pedestal Sink Vanity

Pedestal sink does not have any option for storing anything. The look of these sinks is very simple and gives a nice minimalistic appeal to the bathroom. This vanity is not in much use because of lack of storage.

Different Types of Bathroom

Wrapping Up

These are some of the bathroom vanities which can be used in bathrooms. People need to think about the size of their bathroom and order the vanity accordingly. Many vanities have storage space where things used in the bathroom can be stored.

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