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Different Kinds of Pest Control Methods

Pests such as rodents, ants, birds and spiders are often seen in houses and offices. They invade the residences to search for food and water. They get attracted to dirt, darkness and moisture. These pests look pathetic and can pose serious threats to human health. Once the intensity of the pest infestation increases, it becomes difficult to control them. You need to book the best pest control Melbourne service to get rid of nasty pests. The experts that hold years of experience use various ways to control the pests. The most popular pest control methods are as follows:

1. Chemical Pest Control

The pesticides and poisonous baits used for killing larvae and adult pests contain hazardous chemicals. The use of chemicals becomes essential when the pests multiply at a rapid rate. The chemical control methods are used to exterminate various pests like spiders, ants, termites, Borers, etc. To apply the pesticides in specific areas, the experts use a fogging machine. They spray the liquid pesticides and dust the powdered chemicals into the holes. The chemical treatments are very effective and show quick results.

People suffering from skin problems or asthma might find chemical treatments unsuitable. But, here is a solution for them. Choose the pest control company carefully. These days, odour-free and hypoallergenic pesticides are available. The experienced pest control services can check the ingredients of the pesticides and select the safest options for your home or office.

2. Biological Pest Control

The Pest control Windsor experts prefer to use this method to eliminate the pest infestation from its root cause. In biological pest control, the life cycle of the pests gets disturbed. By using insect growth regulators, the experts disturb the reproductive cycle of the insects. Professionals try to destroy the eggs and larvae of the pests to control the population of pests. Once they are able to achieve control the biological cycle of the insects, the chances of pest recurrence minimise.

3. Mechanical Pest Control

In this type of pest control, professionals try to control the pests by using physical barriers. Fences, wires and many other barriers are laid all around the property to restrict the entry of pests. Mechanical pest control works best for pests like birds and rodents. Handpicking and traps are two common methods that come under the category of mechanical pest control. Handpicking is generally used by the gardener to pick insects by hand. On the other hand, traps can be made to catch pests easily.

4. Electronic Pest Control

The use of technology in pest control has made it possible for experts to eliminate pests without using harsh chemicals. Professionals use electromagnetic waves to affect the nervous system of a variety of pests. The devices that emit electromagnetic waves are available at affordable prices. Similarly, ultrasonic waves are used to repel pests. These devices effectively keep the pests like rodents, lizards and flies away. The sound waves might be too harsh for the pests but remain inaudible to humans.

5. Organic Pest Control

In this method of pest control, experts use organic products such as pheromone traps, oil sprays, BT, diatomaceous earth, and pyrethrin to control the pests. Organic pest control is good for the environment. It is safe for kids and pets. Overall, it is a great method to kill pests without harming the property and health of the people. For mild pest infestation, this method works well. But, it might be ineffective for severe pest infestation.


Professionals use various ways to control and exterminate pests. Depending upon the situation, the severity of the infestation and health conditions, the experts choose a single or multiple methods to control the pests like spiders, birds, borers, bedbugs, etc. All the methods have their own advantages and professionals make a customised plan by using them. Whenever you hire the experts, do ask them about the method that they will choose.

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