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Guideline on DeWalt Door Lock Installation Kit

Power tools are kind of life-savour to the busiest homeowners in this busiest era. We are overly dependent upon power tools when it comes to the matter of maintaining a house. From security purposes to toiletries, we need them to make our life easier and more comfortable.

In the market, various advertisements are promising you the best service, and they can fulfil their promises too. If you go to the shoemakers (Ex. Slotenmaker Leuven), they will easily find out a locking kit that may sponsor their business. But doing your research, you can be dependent upon your choice.

However, if you do not have prior knowledge about the price, background, customer reviews, user guidelines, it will be a disaster working with something like that. That is why our article will try to help you giving the history, user guide, and reviews of DeWalt door lock installation kit comparing with others.

All About DeWalt door lock installation kit

Firstly, let us know a bit about the company DeWalt whose products we are going to review here. DeWalt was founded by Mr Black and Decker in America, which produces power tools, home accessories, electronic things such as charger, drills, door lock, installation kits, etc.

It also trades those items among different cities such as Toronto, Leuven, California, Los Angeles, etc.

What is a door lock installation kit?

These types of kits are often called power tools which are used to drill the door's interior by using a hole saw and replace locks into the hole for security purposes.

This company's kit comes with a well-described user manual. It is prepared to fit in any door (it can be specialized), works with both wooden or metal doors. Moreover, it has hole saw that comes with durable M3 steel, has backing plates to avoid warping and for easy disassemble from the mandrel. So, the whole package comes with tools that may be needed while fixing the door latch.

Top door lock installation kits

  • DeWalt company's lock installation kit is holding a rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Ryobi company's kit for wooden and metal door lock for the instalments of deadbolts and locksets and the rating is 4.4/ 5
  • Milwaukee's company kit has the rating is 4.2/ 5
  • Disston's kit has the rating is 4.2/ 5
  • IRWIN's product only for wooden doors has the rating is 3.8/ 5

DeWalt door lock installation kit vs other company

Product style

For the wooden and metallic door locks, this one has a great C-clamp style. It is different because it has several cutouts, unlike the other ones, which is why this is our suggestion. The levelling positions, however, are not appropriate compared to the Milwaukee- because of precision matters. Without the tool, clamping becomes easy. It can be used both for metal and wooden locks. Its hole saw has M3 stainless steel that is robust.


There are several ways to transform a hole of 1-1/2 into a hole of 2-1/8′′. In this case, having the hole accurate to the door is the difficult part, so that, things go with everything properly. It is also easy to make a hole if you're only drilling a new one, but it's harder to widen a hole because there's nowhere to focus the drilling needle and nothing to bite into to continue drilling.

You may use this item for a door thickness of 1′′ and 2-1/8′′ in diameter. So, for most every door it works just fine. This product has backing plates in it. These sheets are strengthened to avoid warping. It also helps with dissembling easily from the mandrel.


firstly, it detaches lock's grub screw with the kit to tighten the door lock to the pit by drilling a bit. After that, take a screwdriver and drill the saw core from one hand to another in the middle position.

You should bring it out with yet another screwdriver. For drilling, use a door lock installation kit. The quality of the product is relatively competitive.

Quality of the product

For this door installation kit then you don't even have to use a professional help locksmith. This product's covered with plastic or rubber, so it stays free from electricity. It is yellow so that you can find it n low light. The reliability of this high-quality product is superior.

Moreover, the customers can find this package and store zero surface damage in their drawer. The ratio of quality and price is very productive and reasonable. The finishing hole is the perfect ending for doors made of wood and steel.

Once we get the new hole made, the installation should be a simple 'remove/ replace' task. Now that we have this jig, it should work out very easily to the project.


DIY ideas are often straightforward up to the point where you launch them. And this is the case here. There are two common hole sizes for deadbolts (1-1/2′′, 2-1/8′′) and you can handle it without professional help. Additionally, it must be said that it will do a great job if you follow the instruction attentively.

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