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Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Many homes come with a few large bedrooms and a small room usually hidden in a corner somewhere.

It often feels like the small room was added to the house without thought and was intended to increase property values.

A small room’s versatility is unmatched. It can also be transformed into a quaint, charming addition to your home.

If you have a young child, a small bedroom can be transformed into a marvelous child’s bedroom. If you have guests that frequent your home, it can be used as a spare bedroom to accommodate them.

You can even create a day room where you can catch some rest on your days off.

With a little imagination, small bedrooms can be a charming addition to your home. Here are some design ideas to turn your little bedroom into a comfortable haven. Speaking of imagination, have a gander at these Truoba 1 bedroom house plans.

Suspended beds

If your small bedroom has high ceilings, you could consider suspending the bed in midair.

This design is wildly popular with young kids. I mean, which kid doesn’t want a hammock-like bed that they have to climb into?

The bed can be suspended but touch all four walls to prevent small children from falling off the sides of the bed.

The floor space can have a small desk with a chair, a closet, or other furniture without having the bed limit what you can do with the space.

Let there be light

A small bedroom can feel claustrophobic if there isn’t enough light coming through.

When designing a house with a small bedroom, make sure to have more than one window to maximize the amount of light coming through during the day. At night, splurge a little on light fixtures to give the small room an open and airy feel.

Color and light can work in tandem to make a small room feel much bigger than it is. Usually, designers pick a light color scheme in a small room to open up the space.

Light colors brighten up a space and give the illusion of receding walls which makes a room feel much larger than it is.

You don’t have to limit yourself to a light palette. Dark colors like gunmetal gray and purple can work and still give the impression of being spacious.

Alternatively, you could use a dark color as an accent wall in a small space to give it a modern feel.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirrors have this uncanny ability of making a room appear much larger than it is. A mirror can be strategically placed to increase the amount of light coming into the bedroom which doubles the space!

If you place a mirror where it can reflect light coming in from an existing window, it almost doubles the amount of natural light entering a room.

At night, positioning a mirror to reflect the light coming from a light fixture will give the same effect.

You can also make a large mirror the focal point of a room which takes attention away from how small the room might feel.


When dealing with a small room, adopting minimalism through sparse furnishings might be the way to go.

A small space can look even smaller when it is cluttered with too much furniture crammed in. Opt to have the necessities like a bed, side table, and a desk. Avoid any frivolous furniture that can limit your space.

Come up with innovative ideas that add storage space to a small room. Having a bed with inbuilt storage is a great way of utilizing furniture for dual purposes.

Another way to use your bed as storage is to have an inbuilt bookshelf as a headboard which can eliminate the need for a side table.

These storage ideas organize and declutter a small room creating a larger feel to the space.

Oversized fittings and accessories

Contrary to popular belief, you can bring a level of whimsy to a small bedroom.

A quirky design idea for a small room is to bring in oversized fittings and accessories into the small space.

You can try having large overhead light fixtures or oversized, bold art that can give a room a playful feeling. For some inspiration, dive into the Modern house plans.

These oversized pieces call attention to themselves by being obnoxiously large in a smaller space creating a superb focal point.

Bold wallpaper

Designers continue to push the envelope when it comes to color and pizzas.

Using bold wallpaper as an accent wall can visually expand a space. When done correctly, this design trick not only brightens and opens up a room; it creates charming accents to work harmoniously with the space.

Designing a small room doesn’t have to be a chore. There are plenty of design tricks that can make a small space quirky and fun for all ages. If you have 2 bedroom house plans, you can see how it works out before you experiment with the smaller bedroom.

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