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6 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Workspace with Productivity and Mood-Boosting Plants

Decorate Your Workspace

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to improve your office environment, look no further than plants. They have a plethora of benefits, from productivity and focus to happiness and relaxation. Plus, they simply look beautiful and can make your space feel more welcoming to all.

According to a study made by the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, people show the following improvements at the office after plants get introduced into the environment:

  • Reduction in confusion
  • Decrease in tension and anxiety
  • Increase in vigor
  • Reduction in fatigue
  • Reduction in anger and hostility

So how can you decorate your office and reap the same benefits of improved productivity and mood? Here are a few ways to decorate any workspace with greenery and plants:

Play it safe with desk plants

Plants are therapeutic, and today, many people really enjoy making their space green and cozy with plants, especially their homes. During the pandemic, the popularity of indoor gardening has skyrocketed, and now that people are returning to their offices, they are taking their plants with them.

Personal plants in workstations are a fun way to add color, life, health benefits and a sense of ownership to the office space. Sure, we tend to see more plants in common areas, but small pots on individual desks can do even more for morale, appreciation and good mood.

Decorate Your Workspace

Opt for a popular green wall

Green walls are a very popular way to create an impressive focal point in any space, yet also bring other benefits to building users, such as productivity-boosting decor. There are professionally made green walls with ivy varieties, succulents or even moss. But if you want to take a DIY route with this project, it’s possible to do it with a rack frame where you can hang potted plants.

According to experts, the best plants for planter walls are those with big leaves, accompanied by short flowering plants. This setup will fill out all the gaps and create that coveted pro-made green-wall lush look.

Go tall in open-plan areas

Today, open-plan offices are very popular. For instance, nearly two-thirds of office workers in Australia prefer working in open-plan offices. If you have an open-plan type of office, you can employ your plants to do double duty. For instance, if you grab taller plants like snake plants, ZZ plants, potted bamboo and citrus trees, you’ll greatly boost privacy, divide the space and make the entire office more stylish.

And if you don’t have enough height, check out companies that rent out office plants in Sydney and check out their offer of both plants and taller planters. This is a cost-effective and practical way to get all the plant benefits without any shopping, planting and maintenance pains. Tall plants fit best around meeting areas, break areas and quiet zones.

Decorate Your Workspace

Fill those empty corners

Empty corners in offices not only look ugly and waste space, but they have another reason to be filled with items—they grab sounds, make them bounce around the walls and create unnecessary noise. If you want to reduce noise in your office, grab a tall potted plant and place it in the corner.

With a corner plant, you can enjoy less noise, better management of dead space and plenty of aesthetic and mental benefits for your workers, clients and customers.

Save space with chandelier plants

Today, workspace is in great demand and office prices are going up and up every day. For that reason, many workspaces struggle with space. And when you’re so short on floor space, you don’t want to waste it on plants. In that case, you can have plenty of greenery at the office, just hanging from the ceiling.

“Chandelier plants” can be placed at the center of the office or spread around the space. For this task, air plants are simply ideal because they don’t require too much handling, so you don’t have to climb up every day.

Decorate Your Workspace

Go big with a tree

If you’re ready to think big and take chances, why not add a super big plant to your space like a full-on tree? Placing a tree in your office will definitely make a strong first impression, especially at the entrance. However, this idea requires a lot of space and height at your disposal, so it’s not possible to bring it to life in every office.

But, if your building has a courtyard or a terrace, make sure to place the tree there and make it the center of attention. According to research, being close to a tree can improve your mental health and boost your mood and productivity. Unfortunately, placing your plants outside won’t bring you any air-purification benefits.

Over to you

Filling your workspace with plants is a great idea with many benefits—mental, emotional and aesthetic. The natural vibe of the space will boost productivity and mood while reducing many bad work-related emotions. So what are you waiting for? Green up your office with plants and reap all the benefits!

By Derek Lotts

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