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How to Decorate Your Patio Doors to Look Stylish

When you start decorating a new home, one of the things you’ll eventually decorate is your patio doors. It can sometimes be hard to know how to put together a nice look for your home. Nonetheless, you can see it as an opportunity to express your creativity. There are simple, practical ideas you can try to make your patio doors look nice and stylish. Here are a few ways to decorate your patio doors.

1. Lightweight transparent fabric

Hanging lightweight, transparent fabrics on your doors can give them a softer look. Sheer fabrics can filter the light that shines through, making the sunlight appear less harsh in a room. While lightweight fabrics will allow more light to come into your home, be aware that there’s less privacy with using them. Additionally, the fabric doesn’t hold heat in as efficiently.

2. Heavier fabric

If you desire more privacy in your home, you can use heavier fabrics to give you that. In addition, these types of fabrics tend to keep in more heat and help make your home more energy-efficient. You can use tieback or holdback to pull the curtain away to create a more formal look. Types of heavier fabrics you might like include velvet, tapestry, suede, and linen-cotton canvas.

3. Match the pattern and color with your furnishings

When selecting the right color or pattern of a curtain, you should select one that enhances the theme of the rest of the room. As an example, solid neutral colors are usually most preferred because of their ability to blend with the decor of a room. The colors also tend to fade from exposure to the sunlight slower than brighter colors. Nonetheless, if you're a fan of brighter colors, they can be a good way to accent your room.

4. Try stylish ways to hang your curtains

There are different ways to hang your curtains that can accomplish different goals. If you decide to hang your curtains above the doorway, doing this can add more of a sense of height to the room. You can have the curtains hang just a little bit above the floor to make sure they stay clean. Typically, curtains are hung on rods with a rod pocket that's sewn into the curtains to create a casual and simple look. Hidden tabs can be utilized to provide easier movement of your curtains, and make it look almost as if it's detached from the rod. Another style option you could also try is cutting the top of the curtain into a strip, and then tying it to the rod. This option will provide your home more of a rustic and romantic look.

5. Personalize the curtains

If the curtains you look for at a store or online don’t necessarily fit what you desire, you can purchase the one you like best, and personalize it in a way that satisfies you more. You can hang drapery tiebacks or holdbacks above the doorways to add a little more attractiveness to the curtains. If the curtain you like isn't as long as you wish, you can lengthen it by adding a piece of fabric you like to coordinate with. Other embellishments you might consider adding include braided fabric, ribbons, paint, tassels, or beads. Any of these options can add more visual appeal to your curtains.

6. Vertical blinds

In addition to curtains, blinds can also be a great option to add style to your patio doors. In particular, vertical blinds can make your patio doors look more classy and formal, and also provide more privacy when desired. They can be set on a track, allowing you to easily sweep them to one end of the patio door to allow the maximum amount of light in. Keep in mind that vertical blinds tend to work best with sliding glass patio doors. There are many different materials you can get them in, from wood that can help soften the effect of the vertical lines, to different colored PVC plastics that can match the theme of your room. You should also contemplate what size you want for the slats on the vertical blinds. 3.5-inch slats can help modernize the look of your home. 2-inch slats can make your home look more traditional. If finding a budget-friendly option is most important to you, you can choose 1-inch slats.

7. Vertical cellular shades

Vertical cellular shades can provide a more modern appearance and will also give your home maximum energy efficiency. They can be pulled open, closed, or brought together in the middle. They can come in many different materials and colors you might like. If you desire to maintain privacy with these types of shades, you can get opaque shades to get the privacy you desire.

8. Side door panels

If you decide to use side door panels to add style to your patio doors, make sure they're of the same style, have the same framing, and are of the same color. While the process can be extensive, it can add more stylishness to your space. Bear in mind that having this work done can be a little costly. Be sure that you know you'll be satisfied with this style long-term. You can also have the windows of the side door panels permanently closed for lighting and decoration. Feel free to add more style to it by making use of frost glass designs as well. Keep in mind that if the patio door windows have few designs or staining on them, you should limit how much you add them on the side door panels to maintain a similar design. If you decide to allow the side panel doors to open, it's good to avoid designing or staining the window much, as windows that open are more vulnerable to breaking. Additionally, stained and designed windows are harder to replace since the designs can go out of production and can be costly to reproduce.

There are many ways to stylize your patio doors to have a good look at them. Consider trying one or more of these style ideas to create the look you want. If you're interested in patio covers for adding style to the outside of your patio, you can find more information about them at this link:

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