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6 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom
to Reflect Your Personality

decorate bedroom

By Patrick Adams

While your entire home should feel like a safe space where you can escape the hustle and bustle of this busy world, your bedroom is probably an even more personal space – a kind of sanctuary where you go to relax and recharge your batteries.

However, this can sometimes be hard to achieve if your bedroom is not done up properly. If it’s cluttered and not inviting, you will not feel comfy and tranquil. Therefore, in order to create a serene area for yourself, you should consider decorating it in a way that reflects your personality and allows you to feel at ease. Keep on reading for some design tips that can help you in this endeavour.

1. Come up with the right colour scheme

Seeing as how you want this room to show off who you really are, you need to decide on the colour scheme on your own. We can tell you to keep it neutral with shades of beige but then this might not be a room that suits you. Everyone’s taste is different and to feel at home in your bedroom, the hues you choose should match your personality.

So, you can keep it monochromatic or you can make it as colourful as you want. Pick navy, dark grey or deep purple if that is more your style, or go for more pastel options like yellow, blue and pink if that will make you happy. Just keep in mind that everything needs to be done in moderation in order not to feel overwhelming.

2. Find cute and comfy bedding

In addition to the colours you opt for, another element that will show off your personality is the bedding you decide to get for your room. The great thing here is that you can make your bed linen themed if you want.

For instance, if you’re a huge fan of a certain movie, you can get pieces that are inspired by it. On the other hand, you can keep in neutral and elegant and make your bed the centrepiece of the room by getting a few eye-catching quilt covers in different colours that are super cozy and sure to keep you warm. Then, the throw pillows and blankets you choose to adorn your bed with can also be influenced by your personality.

You can embroider some pillows with a motivational quote or knit a throw that will show off your talent and be practical. Finally, when picking these pieces, you should keep your colour palette in mind as you do not want the hues to clash.

3. Show off your hobbies

What better way to decorate your room after your personality than to incorporate your hobbies into the design? If you’re a talented individual that likes to create art, you should look for the best way to show off your masterpieces. We already mentioned embroidery and knitting but if you are a painter or a photographer, you can hang your artwork on the walls or even consider painting the walls in some interesting pattern, quote or scene.

If movies are more your forte, you can have a movie-themed room. For example, putting up framed posters from your favourite movies, displaying some movie memorabilia or collectibles and having a camera, clapperboard or film role inspired décor. On the other hand, if you are a book lover, you can find some inspiration online and build or buy interestingly shaped shelves that will help you put all your precious books on display. Of course, you can also frame quotes from these books that are dear to you.

One thing you should bear in mind, though, is that keeping most of your room neutral will help these personality traits really shine through. Plus, it is much easier to introduce new things when you have a plain base.

4. Take care of your senses

Besides thinking of the visual aspect of the room, you should also keep your other senses in mind. This is why you should consider including calming smells in this sanctuary. We all have our preferences when it comes to scents so it’s best that you choose on your own what your room will smell like.

However, there are certain scents that are used to enhance relaxation and sleep, such as lavender, vanilla, jasmine and valerian. You can rely on scented candles to get this experience but if you are too scared you’ll fall asleep while the candle is still lit, there are other options as well. For instance, you can buy some potpourri at a drugstore or make your own using the scents you prefer.

Reed diffusers, baking soda air freshener jars or simply washing your linens with a fragranced detergent will all bring a nice scent to your room. Of course, having soft and comfy bedding will take care of your sense of touch, while some soothing music will help you in reaching a state of Zen.

5. Incorporate plants

Other than candles, oil diffusers and calming sounds, incorporating some plants should also be beneficial for feeling serene. If you’re a plant enthusiast, you probably already know which plants are best to keep in your bedroom. If not, snake plant, English ivy, aloe vera and philodendron are something you should consider.

You can look for interesting arrangements – for instance, hanging them from the ceiling, putting up unique wall shelves or looking for elegant pots. Furthermore, if you opt for those plants that produce flowers, you will also have a gorgeous pop of colour in your room.

6. Choose the right mattress

Finally, while this might not be a decorating tip per se, it is vital that you look for a mattress that suits you. Seeing as how there are several levels of firmness, it would be best to try out a few to see which one feels right. Some companies even give you the option to return a mattress you are not satisfied with and get another one.

A mattress of high quality that will support your body in all the right places and help prevent poor sleep, restlessness and physical discomfort like back pain is most certainly a good investment and a necessity when it comes to your comfort.

These six tips are just a few ideas that can get you going. Consider your hobbies and preferences and you are sure to create a room that shows off exactly who you are.

About the Author:
Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.
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