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Why Decor Affects Your Productivity

For any company to thrive, it needs to have a highly talented team of professionals who have the best working environment for optimal productivity. The company must also have a tested and proven culture that everyone follows, and that compatible helps its man resource to tune up to their surrounding environment. Part of this culture is the interior décor in the offices.

decor affects productivity

According to experts, the decor around a human being greatly impacts his or her energy and creativity. We are talking about everything from the lighting, temperature, wall paints, workplace wall art, and even the furniture. In this short article, we dive deep into this topic to help you understand why your office décor affects your productivity. Please read on.

1. Colors and productivity

Depending on your office goals, you can set the mood within your workplace to help your staff members to focus and get creative. Painting your office walls orange, for example, will encourage everyone in the office to chat and get jovial. If that is what you want for your company, then go ahead and paint your walls.

But if you want everyone to focus and have clarity of thought, then creamy white paints would be the most ideal options for you. Green and brown colors, on the other hand, will help you to create a calming, ambient environment for you and your staff. The red color denotes strength, warmth, aggressiveness, and courage. Is that what your company stands for?

2. Office plants and their inspiring abilities

Both live and man-made plants have their unique way of inspiring employees to work harder and with purpose. Companies that have managed to find a unique blend of these two types of plants have a happier workforce than those with woodwork filling up all spaces within the office.

3. Lighting and alertness

Research shows that the more the brightness in a room, the more alert everyone in the room is. On the flipside, the dimmer the lighting in a room, the more creative the people in it becomes. The choice of how much light your office need depends on whether you want your staff to be alert and ready to pounce on projects as they come, or you want them to handle a project at a time but with optimal creativity.

But even when choosing between bright and dim lights in the office, you shouldn’t forget about the many health benefits of natural lights indoors. With the right office orientation and window positioning, you will significantly improve the workers’ mood, help them with maintaining their good health, and significantly improve their productivity.

Putting desks and tables near the windows and other sources of natural lighting would be a great way to change the décor of your office. It is also nice to create nice and functional working spaces. People want some little privacy for the better part of the day and when they need to chat with their colleagues, they prefer open spaces and moving or portable chairs. Spacious offices also help with the circulation of fresh air in the office, which is really a good thing.

4. Décor and your brand

Do you have a company logo? If so, then what about a Voodoo custom logo sign! What about a worded mission or a vision? If you have all these, you should use them for your workplace wall art. This is simple, really: Just paint the walls with the colors that define your brand and then have a good painting of your company logo hanging neatly on all walls leading to the offices and conference rooms.

You can even have a reputable painter add the vision and mission of the company to the office walls and all entrances. That will remind everyone about why they come to work every day and tell every visitor or customer how committed your staff members are towards meeting that mission.

5. Office layout and productivity

Your office layout will in most cases affect how effective and productive the workers are. If your office furniture has the right colors on them and the right padding for optimal comfort, then people will be motivated to work hard. If the offices have an open layout, some employees might waste time chatting over unnecessary topics, but at the same time can enhance a better flow of information in the office. Private cubicles, on the other hand, gives the employees all the privacy that they need for optimal productivity, but it can also give lazy employees the license to sleep and waste time.

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