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Tips for Creating a Cozy Apartment Interior

The interior is one of the key factors when choosing a new home. The interior provides residents a good mood, allows you to feel comfortable and cozy. If a person is at the initial stage of development of his own life and has just purchased an apartment, has not had time to equip it and thinks how best to do it - it is recommended to listen to a number of tips that will help to avoid many unpleasant mistakes.

How to make your home comfortable

In fact, changes are needed not only for those who are just starting life in a new place. Sometimes you just want to change your life, your surroundings a little, to start a new phase, to start living in a new way. However, this does not necessarily require buying new furniture and making drastic changes in the form of large-scale repairs. Very often it is enough to make small, but very significant changes that will help to create a feeling of comfort and coziness.

The first thing to determine for yourself what the room is good, and what you need to fix immediately, so as to avoid constant annoyance. Very often people in the post-Soviet countries like to put in their home a lot of items that do not carry any semantic and decorative purpose. This is a relic of the past, when any item that does not have the rest was considered a luxury. These apartments are uncomfortable and extremely difficult to live in. All these items literally press on the tenants, creating a sense of discomfort or even paranoia.

In order to make the apartment as cozy as possible, you should follow simple recommendations:

  • It is best to use such color combinations that can be seen in nature.
  • Do not neglect paintings or other creations of art.
  • It is not necessary to make a room that will look like a basement or bunker. There should be enough light.
  • The living room is the main room. The furniture there should be appropriate.
  • No bright red or bright blue wallpaper!
  • The furniture should be not only beautiful but also ergonomic.
  • Do not go overboard or overly experiment with colors, the standard pastel shades will be enough.
  • Black picture frames look as beautiful as possible.
  • There are never too many mirrors. Beautiful designer mirrors will decorate any interior.

You should do what you like

In order to make your living space as cozy as possible, it's better to follow the trend of minimalism. A very good example are Western homes with white walls, doorways and the doors themselves. No shiny patterns with a ton of painted pictures and "elegant" curtains, this will not make the home cozy, most likely the effect will be the opposite.

Create a cozy atmosphere in the house

Pastel colors that do not attract much attention and do not irritate the eye are very good for the interior. In general, it is best to combine different techniques to create a cozy environment. So you can achieve the maximum result, which will allow you to live in a pleasant expensive home. The neon illumination of certain objects looks very nice, but do not overdo it. Perhaps this is the main rule, which concerns absolutely everything.

Use furniture to achieve comfort

It is very important that the purchased furniture is as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. If the purchased items do not perform their original function - they are worthless. But convenience alone is not enough, it is important that the design is also not from the time of the dinosaurs. Items of furniture should match each other, both in colors and shapes. The room should be done in similar shades, without the use of "traffic lights.

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