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Create a Peaceful Sanctuary
in Your Backyard

Hydroponic Gardening

By Victoria Lim

Everyone needs a quiet place where they can relax, unwind and just clear their mind and let their worries float away. If your home has a yard, why not transform it into your own little piece of heaven? With several tricks you can turn your garden into a sanctuary for you and your family.

Five elements

Peaceful Sanctuary

Thousands of years ago people in India came to the conclusion that the shape and placement of buildings affect the health and vitality of its inhabitants. This is when Vastu Shasta was born - the science of living in harmony with nature and five elements - air, water, fire, earth, and space. Well, what does this have to do with your yard? When you start transforming it into your peaceful sanctuary, you should create a healthy balance of the five elements. If you succeed, your plans will be able to grow free of disease. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of soil pH and make sure that your plants have enough water, sunlight, and space so their roots will grow strong. Otherwise, they will get diseased and stunted. By living in harmony with nature and the five elements you will experience a deeper connection to the earth and enhanced energy.

Organizing your yard

Peaceful Sanctuary

Since the northwest is connected to the air element, put wind chimes or a bird feeder in this part of your yard. This element affects your mind and your relationships so ensure a good airflow. In Vastu the color that symbolizes northwest is blue, so you can also plant bluebells, forget-me-nots, and irises in this part of your sanctuary. The water element is connected to the northeast and it affects your connection to spiritual growth.

Did you know that ultraviolet light that comes from the northeast is necessary for plant growth? Since water magnifies it, consider building a fountain, a birdbath or even a pool in this part of your yard. If you want your sanctuary to be in harmony with all the elements, keep in mind that the southeast is connected to the fire element. This element impacts your good health and vitality, so enhance it with a barbeque or fire pit. If you want to enhance the grounding quality of the earth element, create a rock garden or put heavy statues in the southwest area of your garden. The space element is in the center of your backyard and it nourishes all the other elements. Leave this place open so that proper energy flow can be established.

Make it cozy

Peaceful Sanctuary

Your yard should be a place where you can just sit, relax and catch up on your reading. Find a secluded spot surrounded by bushes or trees somewhere in the backyard, and place a hammock there. Trust me, during those long summer days this will be your favorite spot in your home.


We all know that herbs are famous for their soothing smell, so don’t forget to plan basil, mint or lavender in your yard. Not only will they help you relax and put you in a calm state of mind, but you will also always have fresh herbs to add to your meal.

Wooden elements

Peaceful Sanctuary

Since wood is a natural element a redwood deck is a perfect solution for a patio area. It will only look better as time passes, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. During those hot summer days and warm nights you and your family will enjoy spending time on this patio, so make sure you protect it from the sun. Although pergola is a simple solution and it always looks amazing, you won’t be able to take it down whenever you want to enjoy the sun. This is why having a quality beach canopy on your patio is a better solution.

Don’t neglect the fence

Consider making a bamboo or wooden fence since this plant is said to keep the energy inside. You can check the Fence Installation Project in Illinois to look for your desired fence design. On the other hand, it will add a dash of elegance to your yard and keep your sanctuary safe from looks of nosy neighbors.

Redecorating a backyard is not as hard as it seems. In fact, if you get started now, very soon you will be able to use your outdoor sanctuary to connect with the natural forces. After all, spending time in this heaven on earth will make you happier and bring you peace of mind, so roll up your sleeves and start digging!

Victoria Lim is a lifestyle writer with expertise in scribbling a lot of unnecessary words, traveling with a big pack of gummy bears (green ones to the victory!), walking a dog for miles and miles, getting bites from pet squirrel and choosing a tea for her next cup.
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