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8 Couch Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Couches are the centre of attraction in your living room. However, with regular use and accidents couches start looking filthy and dull. Regular couch cleaning Adelaide is important for keeping your couches clean and shiny.

In the pursuit of keeping the couches clean, several homeowners take matters into their hands and rely on DIY hacks. Home remedies fail to give stunning results because a lot of mistakes are made during the process of couch cleaning.

That is why here we have discussed the top 8 mistakes you should avoid when cleaning couches at home!

Not Reading Manufacturer’s Instructions

The manufacturer’s instructions contain the most important details about the sofa you own. Not even the internet can give you those specific details which are provided by the sofa manufacturers. That is why before cleaning couches, reading the instructions should be your first step.

Skipping this step won’t just cause unnecessary and avoidable troubles but can also leave your sofas permanently damaged. Your upholstery can have weakened fibres, colour bleeding issues and many other problems.

Therefore, make sure you always read the instructions provided by the sofa manufacturers before proceeding with couch cleaning at home.

Using Harsh Chemicals for Cleaning Couches

Using harsh chemicals is a big NO! Cleaning agents containing harsh chemicals are usually easily and cheaply available on the market, but this can cause serious and premature damage to your couches. Furthermore, toxins present in the cleaning agent can trigger allergies and cause health problems.

The types of chemicals you can use on your sofas depend on the type of upholstery it has. And, different upholstery fabric requires to be cleaned using a different approach. It is best to rely on mild and eco-friendly sofa cleaning shampoos for cleaning couches at home.

Using the Wrong Method for Cleaning

Different upholstery needs to be cleaned using different cleaning methods. Dry cleaning a couch that needs to be steam cleaned will only give you disappointing results and even affect the lifespan of the couches.

That is why it is highly recommended to read the manufacturer’s instructions as it mentions the right method you need to adopt for cleaning couches at home.

If you don’t have any information, avoid cleaning couches at home, and hire professionals for the job. Professionals offering services for couch cleaning Findon have better knowledge and can easily identify upholstery types and clean them using appropriate methods.

Ignoring Patch Testing

Patch testing is an important step that you should not skip no matter how confident you are with the products. If you are applying any chemical or acidic homemade solution on the couch in hope of eliminating stains or cleaning dirt, make sure to always run a patch test.

Apply the solution to a small hidden area of the couch and check if there are signs of damage. Relying blindly on a cleaning chemical and applying the entire solution in one go can damage your sofas. However, with patch testing, you can easily avoid serious sofa damage and accidents.

Solely Relying on Home Remedies

Home remedies are a great way of dealing with minor stains and dirty couches. It is also highly preferred by a lot of homeowners as this method is inexpensive. However, solely relying on DIY hacks is not the best way of taking care of your couches.

DIY hacks are not always promising and even if some turn out to be a success, it does not give long-lasting results. Aside from keeping the couches shiny, it is also important to deep clean them for maintaining hygiene.

However, deep cleaning sofas at home is challenging as it requires tools and the right cleaning method. That is why you should avoid relying solely on home remedies and hire professionals for couch cleaning.

Hiring Cheap Sofa Cleaning Companies

Hiring professionals for couch cleaning is important, and that is why some homeowners consider annual couch cleaning for their valuable furniture. With plenty of options present in the markets cheap couch cleaning deals never fail to attract customers.

A lot of homeowners end up availing cheap couch cleaning services presuming all the services are the same. It is important to understand that cheap couch cleaning companies use cheap cleaning products that are handled by amateurs.

In the hope of saving a few bucks, you may end up with severely damaged couches. That is why it is best to avoid hiring cheap sofa cleaning companies.

Not Cleaning Couches Regularly

Your couches are used every day. It accumulates dirt, food crumbs, pollen, dander and hair regularly, and that is why it is important to clean couches regularly. 

If you are cleaning your couches once every 2-3 months, you may be exposing yourself and your loved ones to bacteria, dust mites and allergens. To ensure your indoor air quality remains hygienic ensure you clean your couches once every month.

Take care of spills and accidents immediately by blotting away liquid. And, vacuum your couches once a week!

Drenching Sofas

While cleaning sofas, drenching them with cleaning solutions and water is not a difficult task. One can easily lose control and apply a lot of cleaning agents for removing a tough stain from the couch.

Unfortunately, once the sofas are drenched it is difficult to absorb the liquid as most household lacks the professional equipment used by couch cleaning companies. This can lead to mould growth, followed by staining issues and the release of foul odour.

That is why it is important to avoid making the mistake of drenching sofas while cleaning. Instead, rely on professionals for couch cleaning.

Final Words

These were a few mistakes you should avoid when cleaning couches at home. Ensure you read the manufacturer’s instructions, don’t solely rely on the DIY hacks for taking care of your valuable couches and hire professionals.

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