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How to Design a Cost Effective Modular Kitchen?

Kitchens in Indian homes are no more extended spaces that were dumped with all groceries, vegetables, and walls with stains of oil and shoots. They are not even the dark lit rooms with water flowing everywhere and cockroaches running here and there. With the change of mindset and working habits, they are becoming stylish to work efficiently in an organized manner. Moreover, homes are converting to multistoried apartments, and there is not only space crunch but also becoming premium. So how do you get a kitchen that is well organized and free of clutter? Well, it is time to make your kitchen modular.

Cost Effective Modular Kitchen

It helps not only to work efficiently but reduces the time one spends in the kitchen sweating while cooking the favorite dishes for the family members. However, while planning to have a modular kitchen, the cost factor of making the kitchen area should be considered. Modular kitchen cost varies on many factors, and it is time to discuss them before you make the final call to select the design. It will help you to manage your budget for renovating or creating a new kitchen with a modular design.

There is no end for modular kitchen cost. One can have a primary modular kitchen spending around INR 2 lakhs and go for premium designs spending 20 times or even more. It depends on the taste and the financial condition of the person. It is best to cut the coat according to the cloth and avoid going overboard. However, some primary factors cannot be avoided, and this adds up to the essential cost.

Modular Kitchen Cost Depends on the following factors

The Shape and Size of the Kitchen

It is one of the primary factors that affect the modular kitchen cost. A big kitchen area, an L- shaped kitchen or an open kitchen will attract more charge while making them modular.

The Cost of Interior Designing

Although it seems basically that modular kitchen designing is doing modules to keep things in an organized manner, it is more than that. It is not only the modules that are to be fixed but also the appliances and the gadgets that should be used inside the kitchen to work with ease. One should always contact an interior designer to plan for the modular kitchen. The interior designer gauges the area, the regular traffic in the kitchen, the purpose of making the kitchen modular, and brainstorms with the client before sketching the final design.

Supervising Workers

It is not the work of a regular carpenter, mason, and the plumber and electrician to transform a general kitchen to a modular one. One needs the supervision of an expert interior designer to get the expensive look of the kitchen. The designer charges the client and puts forward the best design according to the budget.

Materials Used

Another modular kitchen cost determiner is the materials used to make them. The quality and the design of the wall tiles, the materials for doing the modules, the type of sink and taps to be used is the part of the cost. The necessary masonry work, the plumbing work, and the electrical work for the lights and fittings are to be also considered. The electrical equipment like a chimney, refrigerator, microwave oven, or the mixtures and grinders adds up the cost. Check out for this. They are the necessary materials for making the kitchen modular, and in most households, these cannot be avoided.

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