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Does Composite Decking Get Hot?

composite decking

As one of the fastest-growing deck materials in recent times, composite boards are a premium material and are becoming even more eco-friendly and sustainable with time. It not only has these positive aspects, but they are also aesthetically pleasing and come in a wide variety of colours and match beautifully with synthetic grass. What is particularly pleased about composite boards is that they last a lifetime and require little to no maintenance.

While many positive features are well known, we are commonly asked whether it is prone to getting hot underfoot? We get it; the material is constantly out in the sun, and in particularly hot climates, it will be exposed to varying degrees of heat. So, we explore whether it does get hot and other essential composite decking FAQs.

Early Composite Decking

When we first started seeing composite decks on the market, they were sensitive to temperature, which meant the boards would get especially hot. However, as this has developed over the last decade, it is much more resistant to heat and doesn't become any hotter than traditional decking materials such as wooden boards. With these high-quality modern composite material, using a lighter colour will keep them cooler when in direct sunlight.

Essential Composite Decking FAQs

As the premier choice for backyard decks, composite boards have begun replacing timbre and vinyl when upgrading or installing a new one. It is a little more upscale than other alternatives, and the smart look is what homeowners are craving. However, it's impressive lifespan and very low maintenance requirements are what makes it so popular. 

When deciding to install one, we know you want to learn as much as possible because it is a significant purchase. While we have explored how there is a concern about it getting hot in direct sunlight, we are commonly asked questions that we will explore below:

1. Are composite decks really low-maintenance or maintenance-free?

If you have heard about how low-maintenance composite boards are, you can be sure that this is indeed true. Essentially, it's completely immune to mould and rot that you will find ruins wooden decks. Due to this, there is no need to be re-seal or re-stain the boards every year to keep them maintained and protected. You will still want to clean the boards and give them a regular sweep and wash down to keep them looking great. 

2. How do you clean a composite deck?

When thinking of cleaning composite boards, you can think easy. All you need to do is to sweep off the debris and hose off any dirt and grime. You should never use any chemicals because they will damage the boards, and you shouldn't need to. If you feel like you need something more, occasionally use some mild soap with your water.

3. Can a composite deck be painted?

You should never paint a composite deck, ever. This would cause severe damage to the boards. Given that it looks considerably like wood, it isn't, so it won't fade over time. This means they don't need painting to keep them looking fresh and shouldn't but continue to look beautiful in their natural form.

4. How do you remove snow from composite decking?

It's widely known that composite boards are water repellent, so you don't have to worry about mould growth setting in. Despite this, you still need to be careful about cleaning off winter snow from your deck. The best method is to use a soft-edge shovel or broom; avoid using a metal edged shovel because it can scratch or cut the boards.

5. Are composite decking boards slippery?

There is a misconception that composite boards are slippery. While they aren't slippery in texture, vinyl or PVC decks reportedly have a slick feel. 

Reducing Composite Deck Temperature Issues

While we have established that modern composite boards are susceptible to issues with temperature, however, you can still take some measures to keep your outdoor living space cool on some of the hottest summer days.

Keeping this space even cooler even in direct sunlight can be achieved by choosing a lighter colour of composite boards. There are various colours available, both dark and light; however, choosing wisely will help keep you cooler. 

Additionally, ensuring that you have enough space for shade - a pergola, umbrella, or covered porch not only elevate the area but help you get out of the sun and still enjoy your outdoor space.

Your Composite Decking Specialists

Superdeck is your local composite decking and synthetic grass specialists in Melbourne. We are ready to help your backyard dreams come true. We build luxury decks and artificial turf spaces in your back and front yards. We invite you to contact our team to get the conversation started and work towards transforming your outdoor space with top quality composite decking boards. 

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