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10 Most Common Places for Pests to Hide

None of us certainly want to see pests anywhere around or, even worse, inside the house. This is because pests, in any type, are contagious, sneaky, and dangerous. Immediate actions should be taken at the moment you spot the pest, otherwise you have to call professional pest control Sydney based company. However, it is essential to be aware of these ten common places for pests to hide out inside your house, as follows.

  • Wall

Scratching noises, you heard from the walls is one sign to indicate the existence of pests living inside your house. Pests such as rodents are likely to use the walls as a quick hideout place while waiting until it’s dark. Immediate rat’s repellent should be taken to prevent yourself from having any property risks, including fires. Find and seal the entry holes while leaving the small gaps to ensure the rats do not trap inside. This will prevent them from making new holes which lead to outside. Then, set the traps at the outside holes of the gap. You can feed them for a few days before placing the traps to avoid scaring them further.

  • Loft

The loft is an isolated space located under the house roof and is a perfect shelter for pests, including rats and cockroaches. With its excellent abilities to climb, the animals sneak into the loft through the holes and walls. This is what causes your cardboard and soft insulation in the house to break. However, their footprints and tails marks are obvious, which makes them easy to be spotted. Repel them right away when you spot any of their traces to prevent them from reproducing a whole colony inside your house. If the method does not work, the extermination process should be taken. This would end up being a nightmare for you!

  • Basement

A basement does look appealing for rodents as it is known for being the dark, moist, and warm place. The fact that basements are usually used as storage facilities for anything, including food supplies, is great for them. Look out for holes in the ground level, which is the common entry gate to the basement for rodents. Make sure to check the condition of all your pipes, drains, and walls in the basement and quickly repair them if any damages found. This would prevent a new setting in there for rodents when you conduct an extermination process with poison or traps.

  • Garden

Gardens are basically a place for everything, from plants, ornaments; wood furniture, food leftovers, and rubbish, to dog excrement, all of them are available inside. These things attract rodents to come and partying around with their peers. It isn’t difficult to identify the rodents as it likes to dig around and create holes all over places. The most efficient way to repel these rodents is by using toxic and poisonous baits. However, be sure to keep the baits away from children and pets since it may be very harmful in case they land on it.

  • Kitchen

A kitchen is definitely a place that termites would not miss while in search of food. The animals usually sneak into the kitchen through the holes near the power supply unit behind the stove. If you find those holes, seal it immediately using strong metal to ensure the rodents can’t chew it. Also, always make sure to clean every smallest part of the kitchen, including food pieces, regularly will help to prevent further termite control. That is why avoid storing food in a paper packaging or cardboard that is easily reachable by rats, and use solid metal containers instead.

  • Garage

The tiny gaps under the door are an entry for pests to access the garage. In fact, the garage is the best spot for them to hide, build nests, and even raise their children. One of the easiest ways to prevent this problem is to seal the bumper of the garage door using a brush strip. If this doesn’t work, a proper rat repellent or extermination is the most effective method to solve this problem.

  • Furniture

Spending nights on the couch is not only fun for you, might as well for cockroaches! Dropped chips and waste sweet soda on your cushions are perfect for them. Let’s not forget the dark cracks and crevices in the furniture; it attracts them to lay their eggs inside as it feels safer. Always make sure to conduct pest inspection on your new and older furniture for eggs and regularly vacuum these areas.

  • Appliances

Small and large appliances, both of them provide dark spaces to quick hideout for cockroaches. Either it is an oven, refrigerator, microwave, or toaster. All of them are the popular hangout spots for cockroaches to find food waste while getting the heat from the running motors in the machines.

  • Ceilings

You may not realize, but cockroaches could be hanging out right about your head in the ceiling corners. Always make sure to seal any ceiling cracks to avoid them hiding inside the hole when the lights come on. This is because the animals, along with other insects like flies, beetles, and wasps, are sensitive to heat and light as it can cause early death.

  • Pipes

A moist and dark spot like a pipe is the best hangout place for cockroaches. You can easily find cockroaches in the drain as the pest can survive inside by feeding themselves with organic matter like grease, food waste, and hair. Besides cockroaches, there are other drain-breeding pests such as drain flies and fruit flies that breed in residue found in the drains. To avoid them, make sure to clean the drain regularly using smaller drain mesh and cleaners.

As you can see, controlling pests inside your house is definitely not an easy task. So, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Contact the professional in pest inspection to schedule an inspection for you.

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