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Common Blocked Drain Problems and Causes

Common Blocked Drain Causes

Every day, our homes are prone to experiencing clogged drains. Blockages in the drain pipes can cause a wide range of problems, from overflowing sinks and toilets to unpleasant odours and flooding. To help tackle any issues that arise, it is important to be aware of some common blocked drain causes.

One of the most frequent causes of a blocked drain is the accumulation of grease in the pipes. When kitchen waste and oils are poured down a sink, they form an indestructible coating on the inside of the pipe walls, leading to a build-up that can eventually lead to a blockage. To avoid this issue, it is important to never pour any greasy or oily substances down your drain, and to dispose of large pieces of food, such as bones or large vegetables in the bin rather than down a sink.

Another common cause is the build-up of toiletries and hygiene products, including cotton wool buds and wipes. These items do not break down easily when they come into contact with water and can become clogged in the drain. The best way to prevent this from happening is to place a mesh catcher over drains and avoid flushing anything other than human waste down the toilet.

Tree roots can also cause blocked drains by penetrating the pipe walls and blocking water flow. This is especially common in older homes with clay pipes - as these pipes break down over time, they become more susceptible to tree root intrusion. If you suspect your blocked drain is caused by tree roots, it’s best to call in a professional plumber as the issue will need the attention of Brisbane Blocked Drain Specialists.

Finally, foreign objects can easily get lodged in drains and cause blockages. These could include anything from small toys to hygiene products flushed down toilets. Even when you think something is small enough to fit through the drain, it may not be - always make sure nothing other than human waste is entering your drains. If a blockage should occur due to foreign objects, contact a plumber for help.

To keep your drains healthy, preventative measures are key. Keep up regular maintenance on your drains and make sure to only flush toilet paper down the toilets. Additionally, avoid pouring grease or fat down the kitchen drain as this can solidify further along in the pipes and cause a blockage.

Remember that these are just some of the more common causes of blocked drains - there could be other causes too. If you have recurring blockages or a blocked drain that won’t budge, it is best to contact a qualified plumber for further advice and assistance. They will be able to identify the root cause of the problem and give you tailored advice about how to best tackle it.

Brisbane Blocked Drains

If you're in Brisbane and have a blocked drain, then specialists can help. Experienced plumbers are available 24/7 and can provide you with fast, reliable service to solve your problem as quickly as possible. They use only the best technology and equipment to ensure that they get the job done right the first time, every time.

To find expert services, you can search online for “Blocked Drains Brisbane” to find a list of local plumbers and businesses that offer services in the area. Just make sure to read customer reviews and get quotes before making a final decision.

Remember, when it comes to blocked drains, prevention is better than cure!

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