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How to Clean and Maintain Your Coffee Machine: Tips and Tricks for Longevity

Coffee machines are a convenient way to make coffee at home or in the office. However, like any machine, they require regular maintenance and cleaning to function correctly and last for a long time. In this blog, we will discuss some tips and tricks for maintaining and cleaning your coffee machine to improve its longevity.

Read the manufacturer's instructions

The first step in maintaining your coffee machine is to read the manufacturer's instructions. This will provide you with information about the specific maintenance and cleaning requirements of your machine. It will also tell you what kind of coffee and water to use, which can impact the longevity of your machine.

Clean your machine

Anyone who is passionate about achieving a great brew, should first know how to properly care for their coffee equipment. Cleaning your coffee machine regularly is one of the most important steps in maintaining its longevity and ensuring that the final cup is of the highest quality.

Here's a step-by-step guide to cleaning your coffee machine:

  • Unplug the machine and allow it to cool down.
  • Remove any leftover coffee grounds from the brewing basket and dispose of them properly.
  • Remove the filter and clean it with warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and set aside to dry.
  • Clean the carafe with warm, soapy water, rinse it thoroughly, and set it aside to dry.
  • Fill the water reservoir with equal parts water and white vinegar, or a commercial descaling solution.
  • Run the machine through a brew cycle without coffee grounds. This will help to remove any mineral build-up and clean the inside of the machine.
  • Once the brew cycle is complete, discard the vinegar solution and run a couple of cycles of clean water through the machine to rinse it thoroughly.
  • Wipe down the exterior of the machine with a damp cloth, taking care not to get any water inside the machine.
  • Reassemble the machine, and it's ready to use again.

It's important to note that the frequency of cleaning your coffee machine will depend on how often you use it. For regular home use, it's recommended to clean the machine at least once a month. For commercial machines or heavy home use, more frequent cleaning may be necessary.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can help extend the life of your coffee machine and ensure that it produces the best coffee possible. Remember to always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific cleaning and maintenance guidelines.

Don’t forget to descale

Descaling is an essential part of maintaining your coffee machine and ensuring that it produces the best coffee possible. Over time, mineral deposits from hard water can build up inside the machine, causing it to function less efficiently and affect the taste of your coffee. Descaling involves removing these mineral deposits from the internal components of the machine, including the heating element, pipes, and valves.

There are several ways to descale a coffee machine. You can use a commercial descaling solution or make your own using white vinegar and water. Most coffee machine manufacturers provide specific instructions on how to descale their machines, so it's important to follow those instructions carefully.

When descaling it’s important to run the descaling solution through the machine multiple times to ensure that all the mineral build-up is removed. After running the descaling solution through the machine, you should rinse it thoroughly with clean water to remove any residue.

The frequency of descaling your coffee machine will depend on how often you use it and the hardness of the water in your area. As a general rule, it's recommended to descale your machine every three to six months for regular home use. For commercial machines or heavy home use, more frequent descaling may be necessary.

Replace worn or damaged components

Replacing worn or damaged components is an essential part of maintaining your coffee machine and ensuring its longevity. Over time, the internal components of the machine can become worn or damaged, affecting its performance and the quality of the coffee it produces.

Common components that may need replacing include the brew basket, carafe, water filter, heating element, and valves. If you notice any issues with the performance of your machine, such as leaks, slow brewing, or weak coffee, it may be time to replace one or more of these components.

It's essential to replace any faulty components with the correct parts that are compatible with your specific coffee machine model. It's always best to consult with your commercial coffee supplier or contact the manufacturer to help you identify the specific parts that need replacing and provide guidance on how to replace them.

Replacing worn or damaged components can help extend the life of your coffee machine and ensure that it continues to produce high-quality coffee. It's essential to perform regular maintenance and inspections to identify any issues early and prevent further damage to the machine.

Use high-quality coffee and water

Using high-quality coffee and filtered water can improve the flavour of your coffee and reduce the build-up of mineral deposits. Low-quality coffee and unfiltered water can cause your coffee machine to become clogged and affect its longevity.

High-quality coffee beans have a better flavour profile, aroma, and freshness compared to low-quality beans. When selecting coffee beans, it's essential to choose freshly roasted beans that are ground just before brewing. Ground coffee beans can quickly lose their flavor and aroma, so it's best to buy them in small quantities and store them in an airtight container away from light and moisture.

Water quality also plays a vital role in the taste and aroma of coffee. Water that's too hard or too soft can affect the coffee's flavour and cause mineral build-up in the coffee machine. Using filtered or bottled water can help eliminate impurities and ensure that the coffee tastes fresh and delicious.

Store your beans properly

Storing your coffee machine in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and moisture can prevent the build-up of mould and other harmful bacteria, which can impact the functionality and flavour of your coffee.

Keep your coffee beans in an airtight container away from light, heat, and moisture. Exposure to air can cause the coffee beans to oxidize and lose their flavour, while moisture can cause them to spoil. It's best to use a container made of a material that doesn't transfer flavours, such as glass or ceramic.

Coffee beans should be stored at room temperature, ideally between 60-75°F (15-24°C).

When buying coffee beans, it's best to buy them in small quantities that can be used within two weeks. Buying in bulk may seem more cost-effective, but it can lead to stale coffee.

Use your machine regularly

Using your coffee machine regularly can also improve its longevity. When you don't use your machine for an extended period, it can become clogged with coffee residue and mineral deposits. Using it regularly can help prevent this build-up.


In conclusion, maintaining and cleaning your coffee machine regularly is essential to its longevity. Regular cleaning, descaling, and maintenance can prevent breakdowns and ensure that your machine is functioning correctly. Using high-quality coffee and water and storing your machine properly can also improve its longevity. By following these tips and tricks, you can enjoy delicious coffee from your machine for years to come.

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