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What Are the Criteria for Choosing
a Teepee for Kids?


The basic structure of all teepees is similar, but the difference lies in the materials and the capacity. In general, you have the option of choosing 4 to 5 uprights. Opting for a teepee with five uprights is advantageous in view of the fact that more people can adjust in it. The flip side is that it is more expensive and requires more space.

On top of the small Indian tent, there is a joint between the uprights and the canvas. These stakes are held together thanks to a rope inserted into the holes of each upright in order to make a knot that stabilizes the structure. In some models, it is necessary to place the stakes in the gutters of the canvas.

In general, the canvas of the tipi is attached to the top of the uprights, thanks to the rope that brings them together.


It is made up either of cotton or cotton and polyester. Pure cotton is often used for baby teepees. Teepees containing polyester are more suitable for children over three years old.

It is essential to adopt for a thick fabric so that it resists the sometimes brutal movements of children. Prefer teepee with a good seam to prevent the material from tearing quickly.

The uprights are generally made of wood and rarely of plastic. Note that Teepee came in a shape because of the wooden stakes.

Plastic, on the other hand, is lighter. It is easier to move an outdoor teepee for children with a plastic frame.

A fully plastic teepee is lighter and easier to move. The frame, made of the same material, exposes infants less to accidents.


This criterion is important because it determines the possibility of movement of the “Kids” and space to which it is dedicated. The small tents are approximately 80 cm wide. The length and height are not very extensive. These tents are intended for children who plan to do simple, calm activities such as reading or playing board games. Children cannot stand inside it. This product is recommended for a kid who does not often have the opportunity to invite friends at home. They are often kid's teepees with carpets and cushions that allow you to relax or even take a nap.

For their part, the larger tipis, that is to say with dimensions of about 120 x 120 (length x width) with a height of about 150 cm are the most interesting. Indeed, they offer the possibility of carrying out several activities, with 2 or 3 friends, of standing, of bringing toys and accessories of all kinds.

Colors and themes

Teepee for a little girl
If you have a little girl and she dreams of having a teepee, several models are available on the website. Offer him the opportunity to choose one suited to her taste.

The girl's teepee has the same structure as the classic model and is distinguished from that of the others by feminine patterns, decorations, and colors.

Teepee for a little boy
The boy's teepee has masculine colors suited to their age group. It is easy to recognize to the patterns referring to their passion: cowboys, car races, or the adventures of superheroes, even animals like foxes.


Teepee for kids is a great way for your children to flourish their creativity. True nests of conviviality and sharing, these structures make them develop their imagination and their zest for life. In addition, it is always better to know your child is playing in his room with his teepee rather than strolling outside, exposed to various dangers. In the end, it is a very good investment that you will not regret.

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