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8 Tips on Choosing an Office Furniture
for Small Spaces

By Lisa Eclesworth

A small office can pose detrimental effects to your work performance, concentration, and productivity. However, this doesn't mean that you are forever doomed to a small office space's confines.

These eight tips on choosing office furniture can help you to improve your interior space and aesthetics.

1. Consider Compatibility over Appeal

When purchasing furniture for your office, always look out for compact furniture that can easily integrate into your office space. Most compact office decors are lightweight and adjustable, making them easier to move around, and they don't take much room.

Consider things like foldable chairs or adjustable tables to maximize your space and cause no obstruction.

2. Buy Furniture that Makes Use of Vertical Spaces

If your ceiling space is reasonably high, then you can take advantage of vertical spaces to prevent obstruction to your already narrow horizontal area.

This means opting for furniture that goes well on corners or can stand against walls, such as cabinets, bookshelves, and storage units. Besides, they accommodate your crucial documents and files while organizing your workspace clutter, securing available inches of space.

3. Consider Wall Mounted Office Furniture

Wall-mounted furniture avoids the use of objects that sit on your floor, which take up unnecessary space. Consider a wall mounted table to keep your office essentials neatly levitated on a sturdy platform, or even a wall-mounted open shelf to place all your important files without wasting your space.

4. Go Green, Save Paper

Nowadays, you don't have to store all your crucial documents and forms physically. A scanner is an essential tool to place in your office to alleviate the use of papers and their respective cabinets. This will clear up so much space and allow you to save on money as you don't need to be printing nor writing on excessive amounts of paper.

5. Stash Away All Cables

Cables contribute to a majority of household and office clutter. Cover up any underlying wiring that can be easily seen. When shopping for new furniture, opt for a desk that can stash away cables to maintain order and keep your office looking kempt. If not, then consider purchasing a cable organizer to keep all wires neatly organized and away from the ground.

6. Match Furniture to Your Color Scheme

The color of your office space is vital to creating a stimulating and spacious atmosphere. Light colors contribute to an increase in natural light within a space and make your room feel much more open and inviting.

Incorporate furniture that uses a soft color palette, such as light gray, peach, beige, white, yellow to beautify your office and match your colors to your wall to camouflage furniture effectively.

7. Buy a Mirror

It doesn't need to be a grand furnished mirror made of mahogany. A simple yet eye-pleasing one can work just as well. Mirrors can cause an illusion of grandiose, which makes your space feel much larger than it is.

If your office space has a window, the effect will be magnified. Besides, studies show that an increase in natural light in an office can help enhance productivity, work quality, and significantly reduce energy load in lighting, thus saving you money on energy costs.

8. Understand Where the Furniture Will be Placed

When purchasing office furniture, you need to take into account how well it will fit into your office. You need to understand that the larger the furniture, the more space it will require. Therefore, select pieces that can adequately fit into your office. When decorating, an essential tip is to block out any corners as they can cause your space to look small and symmetrical. Plants and flowers add a lovely addition to any office space and can be placed on a desk to avoid taking up much room.

If you're unsure about your decorating designs, Office Furniture Brisbane offers professional assistance to help with your decor related needs and premium quality office furniture.

In Summary

Creating a spacious environment within a small office space can be as simple as introducing a few key elements like cable organizers, mirrors, and compact furniture. With these tips, you can utilize your office to its full potential.

About the author:

Lisa Eclesworth is a notable and influential lifestyle writer. She is a mom of two and a successful homemaker. She loves to cook and create beautiful projects with her family. She writes informative and fun articles that her readers love and enjoy.

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