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Tips for Choosing a Bouncy House Rental

Parties are awesome, but how you plan for them can make or break the experience. This is why the planning process is always exhilarating and challenging for those who don't do it on a regular basis. The planning phase and picking a theme prove to be the toughest parts of a party. Well, regardless of the party, including a bounce house for entertainment has never been a bad idea. To help ease the stress or pressure of planning a party, here are a few helpful tips for picking a bounce house.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Bounce House

Adding a bounce house in your party can make it memorable for both kids and adults. The rental and setup process is relatively easy, but there are a few important things to keep in mind:

How big do you need the bouncy house to be?

This largely depends on the space you have for the event as well as the number of guests.

What type of bouncy house should you rent?

If you are going to have both kids and adults as guests, then you may want to get more than one moderately sized bouncy houses. Take a look at Bounce House Rentals AZ and inflatable playground as well to find the perfect one for your party.

Will you need rules?

Even if all your guests are adults, safety should be a major priority. As such, make sure you have clear rules on what and what not to do inside the bounce house.

What about invitations?

It is usually a good idea to tell your guests that a bounce house will be available so that they can prepare accordingly.

What to do when you want the bounce house to match a specific theme?

If you want the bouncy house to match with the rest of the party theme, then consider using specific decorations, a customized cake, etc.

Serve food and beverages before or after the fun at the bounce house?

It is usually best to serve drinks and food after activity when people are a bit exhausted so that they can savor what you have to offer. Also, kids are a messy bunch, and the last thing you want is people feeling sick on the bouncy house when full.

Where should the bounce house be positioned?

It is best to put it under shade to avoid things like blistering, sunburns and heat discomfort.

How much does a bouncy house rental cost?

Well, this is an aspect that depends on varying factors like required items, duration as well as the location. If you reside on any state in the United States, here are the costs to expect:

Prices for moon-walker or jumper start from $15 an hour. You will come across rental companies with packages like 4-hour rental for $60 per hour, etc.

A standard bounce house will set you back between $100 and $300 if you rent for 4 hours, but the price can increase to $150 and $300 if you go for a larger or fancier bouncy house.

Inflatable slides go for around $150, depending on the length, and inflatable obstacle courses start from $300.

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