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Tips on How to Choose the Right Paint for
Every Room in Your Home

Gone are the days when the only question when painting a property was choosing between one color and another. With advances in technology in the paint industry like Oahu Pro Painters residential services, the consumer has a wide range of products at his disposal. There are specific types for each room in a house. All this is to keep the painting more beautiful and preserved.

Paint For Kitchens And Bathrooms

The kitchens and bathrooms have products developed especially for them. Thus, the walls of these spaces, fully or partially covered with tiles, gain a new look and new colors.

A good example is Wandepoxy Water Base, which has anti-mildew protection and high durability and resistance. Once applied and dried, the product forms a film with excellent hardness, easy to clean, which repels water and offers excellent resistance to bad weather. Another great option is Metalatex Bactercryl, which prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Paint For The Service Area

As this environment is generally wetter and wetter, the most suitable product is epoxy paints, which are highly resistant to water. Among the options, we can mention Water-Based Wandepoxy and Novacor Epoxy.

Paint For The Baby's Room

The tip is to use products that keep fungi and bacteria far away from this exceptional corner of the house to protect the baby's health.

Paint For The Children's Room

To leave your children free to play without having to worry about cleaning the walls, there's nothing better than washable paints. A good option is Eggshell Super washable Coral, a water-repellent color that facilitates the removal of lipstick marks, crayons, and shoe soles, which enhances its washability, in addition to having a semi-matte finish.

Paint For The Room

As it is an environment with excellent circulation, the most suitable product is washable paint. Those who like more fun and the modern room can also bet on the blackboard effect and turn one of the walls into a writing board.

With so many tips, the four corners of your house will be even more beautiful and cozy.

How To Make A Painting Budget?

Each professional has their method to arrive at a value, but is this work being done well? Will it please the customer? We have some tips to help professionals. Check out!

First Contact

"From the first contact with the client, it is important that the painter transmits a professional attitude right after the first call. The way to serve the customer can push him away or bring him closer. Call the customer by name, don't use nicknames or slang. The first image is the one that stays."

Client ID

"The next step is to identify the customer. Write down the full name, contacts, and address. Ask who indicated their service and property details, such as the number of rooms, what will be painted, and the expected date for the start of work."

First Visit

"On the first visit to the property, remember to take your material, such as an electric or manual measuring tape, and your schedule to make the necessary notes. Do not present yourself with your clothes stained with paint (the clothes you usually wear during the paint job). This gives an impression of sloppiness. Wear clean clothing such as a polo shirt and jeans. It is essential to be careful with your presentation. In addition, always be punctual with appointments scheduled with the client."

Surface Diagnosis

"Ask the reason for the painting. If it's a new surface, the service is simpler, unlike a leaky wall, which requires more work. It is important to record the state of the surfaces to be painted. Note problems such as cracking, peeling paint, moldy areas, moisture or seepage."

Measurement Of The Area To Be Painted

"Calculate the footage of the walls to be painted by Oahu Pro Painters residential services. To do this, you need to measure the height of each wall and multiply it by its width – the result will be your measurement in square meters." If you need, use our ink calculator.

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