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How To Choose The Right
Household Services Scheme Cleaner?

The cleaning services industry has faced a lot of innovations in recent years. When infrastructures such as hotels, homes, and offices are getting established more, the need for efficient cleaning is on the rise. There are so many criteria in picking the right house service scheme in Singapore, and choosing one is very easy. Beyond that, you’ll have a cleaner house and a better livelihood.

So today, this article will mainly focus on the different HSS Household Cleaning services that you can choose from. It will also touch on things that will likely persuade you to pick the right one for your home that will clean it more efficiently. Without further ado, sit back and read through the end of this article for your reference.

What is House Services Scheme

There is a fine line between hiring a house cleaner part-time maid and rendering services from an HSS. Likewise, HSS companies hire house cleaners to do the cleaning for many houses. It’s an agency that outsources cleaning services to different homes, companies, and hotels to do the cleaning for them.

Furthermore, HSS also features deployment to multiple locations on a part-time structure in providing household cleaning. Choosing the right one will ensure your place becomes spotless and has the cleanest rooms for quite a long while.

The benefits of hiring an HSS

There is an array of advantages when hiring household services, and they are:

  • You won’t need to worry about cleaning the whole house yourself.
  • Household services are relatively inexpensive.
  • You can rely on professionals to clean your home. This means that you are ensured of bacteria-free zones in your house once the service is rendered.
  • They are easy to call and bookings are very efficient through websites or online apps.
  • The housekeepers are extremely trustworthy, and you don’t need to fear your things getting lost.
  • They offer discounts once in a while, so keep checking for updates to get the best deals.

As you can see, there is a multitude of reasons why you should go for HSS. However, it’s not all clean and tidy when it comes to hiring them. Here are noteworthy concerns that you should learn as you hire your first HSS:

  • The best services out there are extremely expensive, so do take note of the prices.
  • You can clean your house yourself, and you don’t need an HSS to do that. If you are on a tight budget, you might consider cleaning the house yourself.
  • There are so many HSS out there, so there are bound to be misfits and poor services that you’ll try. But eventually, you’ll find the right one.

With that being said, there are still more advantages to disadvantages in household services. If you’re convinced of hiring them, then here are the tips for choosing the right one.

Tips on choosing the right HSS

Know which part of the house needs cleaning the most

By lessening your scope of which areas to clean, you can save much more time and money. If you don’t need your other areas in the house cleaned, then specify exactly what areas need cleaning. Most household services have this feature of letting you choose which rooms to clean and which ones to leave alone.

The rooms that probably need cleaning the most are the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. The living room is easy to clean given the right tools. The bathroom and kitchen, however, require a lot of work and effort in maintaining cleanliness. Usually, household services don’t charge that much in bathroom and kitchen cleanups, but it’s best to research nonetheless. You don’t want to overspend on a service for lackluster prices.

Weigh the value of each cleaning service provided

This goes well with the first tip when it comes to the pricing of some of these household services. If you decide to only clean specific rooms in the house, then you need to check the pricing very carefully.

Let’s play out a scenario to help you understand what this means: suppose you only need to clean both your kitchen and bathroom and the price for said services is $100. Now, that wouldn’t sound so bad. However, if you check the price for a service that covers all the rooms of your house and the price is $150, then it’s best to ignore the former and go for the latter instead.

Always know the value of the service you’re about to choose because the pricing is everything. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a particular service that won’t give enough value for the price that you’re paying.

Make your cleaning appointments more frequent

The first time you hire a cleaning service, you’re most likely going to pay more than what you’ve intended. But that’s perfectly fine, because next week, you’ll be paying much less because the house is less dirty after a short period. This is the whole point of this tip: you have cleaning services come over more frequently than waiting it out for more time.

When you do this, part-time maid will only have to put up with a little dirt and messiness every week because realistically, it won’t be too hard to clean. If you wait out a whole month or two, then they’ll have to clean more which adds to the price.

It’s really up to you how often cleaning services will go to your house. Either way, you’ll be paying for the same rate anyway, so why not have your house maintained weekly to assure that you’re always in a clean environment.

Check reviews online

Reviews are a great way to check the legitimacy of your HSS. Furthermore, you can see testimonies from other people who have already chosen said services so you’ll get a better idea of what to expect.

Reviews online are a great way to know if you’ve chosen the right services. So, be sure to read thoroughly the different reviews set by different customers so you’ll get a breathing room of what HSS to choose.


HSS is a wonderful option for anyone who has bigger homes. It’s hard to maintain the cleanliness of a bigger house than it is for a meager apartment. But regardless, you can trust professional cleaning services to scrape every bacteria, dirt, and germs that your house may have.

Remember these tips well as they can help you choose the right cleaning, and always tip the great house cleaners who found time and made efforts into making your house the cleanest as it can be.

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