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Which to Choose for Ceramic Tile Laying, Cement or Adhesive?

Ceramic tile laying is one of the most important processes in the decoration of new houses. Now people often use cement to lay ceramic tiles. With the continuous development of the times, tile adhesive comes out secretly. It is estimated that many people will have such a question: "is it better to install ceramic tile with cement or tile adhesive?" Can ceramic tile adhesive replace cement mortar? Now we will reveal the secret for you.

Ceramic Tiles

Should We Choose Cement Or Tile Adhesive For Ceramic Tile Laying?

With the continuous development of science and technology, the variety of decoration materials is also increasing. It is difficult to say which of them is better, because they have their own advantages and disadvantages

1. Cement mortar is based on cement, added with some additives, and then boiled for heating. This is the most traditional and common material. This kind of home decoration is the most classic and common.

2. Ceramic tile adhesive has high bonding strength, water resistance, frost resistance and aging resistance, and is widely used in internal and external walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and other places.

How To Lay Ceramic Tile Fast And Beautiful?

1. As long as you pay a little attention, you will find that many masters still choose cement mortar in engineering today. This is because the current market of ceramic tile adhesive is more panic, brand is also multifarious, they are quite different in price, in the end mixed with cement will have a negative impact? How much sand is the most suitable? What's the consequence of mixing on the ground and then using it? What's the difference between expensive tile adhesive and expensive tile adhesive? All in all, it's a mess.

2. Another reason why people choose cement mortar freely today is that there are many nonstandard situations in civil engineering in China. For example, the priming of clean water room is very poor, the horizontal error of washroom wall tile is quite common, and the horizontal error of floor is 78 cm? The water collection of tile glue is slow. People come and go when they are in time. The tile adhesive can't be stepped on as soon as it is pasted. The cement paste can be paved with a big board, and the tile adhesive is quite expensive.

3. It is generally accepted that the better method today is: not all the cement, but half of the general cement, and then mixed with some fine sand, so that the paving effect is the best. This is because if all cement mortar is used, the shrinkage is too severe and the paste effect is very poor. There are a lot of poor and expensive tile glue on it.

4. What about tile adhesive? In fact, the advantage of tile glue is also very significant, for example, it has a very high degree of adhesion. If your budget is more abundant, and in order to ensure the safety of external wall tiling, tile glue is an ideal free choice. In addition, it is also recommended to use tile glue to lay small wall tiles at home (small tiles are very strict for flatness). As for large area ground engineering, it is right to use cement.

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