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Carpet Removal Preparation Tips

carpet removal

Getting rid of your carpet is not an easy task for many people. First, there’s the sentimental value it holds, and then the rigorous job of removing it from the floor. It’s a tough and dirty job altogether. However, you can call in carpet removal experts to help you out.

The whole process becomes a lot easier by involving a carpet removal company. From the experts, here are some firsthand tips on carpet removal:

Figure Out How to Dispose Of the Carpet Beforehand

Before you even get to the nitty-gritty details of removing your carpet, know where you’re taking it first. Are you donating it to someone in need, or are you letting the carpet removal experts take it with them?

In case the installers bringing your new carpet will remove the old one, you need to tell them earlier on. Letting them know in advance helps you settle on the cost from the initial stages.

Also, make it a point to contact the dumpster service you use to collect trash. Find out how much they would charge you for carpet removal. Be sure to insist that it’s a carpet, as some have special low pricing for such household items.

Move Furniture off the Areas Covered by the Carpet

When removing the carpet, you’ll need to access the entire floor. And if this is the case, you need to decide where all the stuff on top of the carpet will go. A good way to go about the entire process is to move the items, including furniture, to the adjacent rooms.

Alternatively, if the other rooms are full, it would be a better option to place the furniture outside. Just be sure to cover them in case of any moisture present outside. Better still, you can hire a temporary storage compartment.

Clean the Old Carpet

This is an optional step that you can consider or ignore. The only advantage of cleaning the carpet before removing it is dust reduction. Too much dust from the carpet can affect you, or the persons removing it. Nevertheless, you can always put on a mask to prevent the dust particles from getting through your nose and mouth.

Carpets tend to collect a lot of dirt and dust. This is a fact even for those who clean and vacuum on the regular. The dirt buildup usually is more if you have lots of people residing in the house. A word of advice from the experts is to install a dust barrier from the floor to the ceiling. This will help to prevent dust accumulation over other surfaces in the room during the carpet removal.

Get the Right Equipment for the Carpet Removal

You’ll need some PPEs to help you out in the carpet removal exercise. However, if you have a professional carpet removal company coming to do the job for you, then you can ignore this tip.

Some of the PPEs you’ll need to include heavy work gloves, masks, and thick-soled closed shoes. The basic reason behind this is to avoid injury during the process. You’ll be working next to staples, rough carpet edges, and tacks. Therefore, you’ll need to protect your hands and legs.

Begin removing it slowly from One Corner

Even as you wait for the carpet removal experts to arrive the next day, there’s something you can do. Choose one corner of the carpet, and start removing it slowly. Pull it up, while wearing the PPEs, especially for your hand and feet. If at all you plan to remove it on your own, you’ll need to get extra tools like pliers and carpet knives.

Try and ensure that you avoid the tack strips found on the edges, as they’ll still be important for the new carpet installation. You should only rip up the carpet when you’re sure it won’t destroy anything in due process.

Prepare for Hardwood Floors

You’ll need to be extra careful when removing carpets from hardwood floors. Make initial cuts to ensure that the carpet doesn’t hold on to anything while you’re removing it. After you’re done making the cuts, get your pliers and grip the fibers. This will help you pull up the carpet easily.

Prepare to Get the Carpet Out of the House

Once you are done with the carpet removal process, you’ll need to figure out how to roll it up. Thereafter, removing it from the space. Since the rolls of carpet are quite bulky to lift, you’ll need some help here. At least two people should be available for this process. And that is why it’s advisable that you contact carpet removal experts to help.

Carrying the weight and maneuvering with it is not easy. You can easily scratch the walls and destroy them if not keen.

Final Thoughts

In summary, carpet removal is a time-taking and energy-consuming exercise you’ll need to prepare adequately for. Our advice is that you should think of hiring a professional carpet removal company to save you from all that hustle.

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