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Carpet Cleaning Tricks That Can Save Your Carpet

Do you want to turn a house into a home? Cover all floors with rugs. It's warm on your feet in the winter and nothing beats the softness of a rug in the summer when you're walking barefoot. You can lay down near a heater or fireplace with a book and it's quite cozy when you make a pillow fort.

Carpets give you the ingredients of a real home and because they are a long-term purchase, their maintenance goes far beyond the simple weekly vacuums we do. But we're here to give you 5 carpet cleaning tips to keep your Carpet Cleaning London spotless.

Lint Roller to the rescue

Have you ever had the feeling that no matter how hard you vacuum, there's only dirt, crumbs and hair that your vacuum can't handle? This is a common problem you have to deal with when you have deep pile carpets and even the most powerful vacuum can't clean the fibers to a higher level.

The solution is to buy a lint roller for those problem areas and put in a little effort until you pick up all the stubborn particles. Depending on the mat type, you can't spend more than five minutes total per mat.

Remove pet hair with a squeegee

Pet hair is notoriously difficult to remove with a simple vacuum cleaner. Lint rollers may also not be very helpful as we are talking about cleaning the entire surface and with some pets the shedding can be overwhelming. If your carpet has very short pile, you're ready with the trusty squeegee.

The squeegee may be designed for windows, but its design is intended to dislodge dirt, frost and other substances that form thin layers and cling to a surface, much like pet hair on carpet. long hairs. Hose down the squeegee and use it as a window.

• Remove stains with an iron

Stain removal has tested the will and wits of homeowners ever since rugs became your thing for tying a room together, and you'll come across several schools of thought on the subject. The one we present now is a three-step process.

First, vacuum the stained area to remove any stubborn particles, letting it focus only on the stains within easy reach. This is crucial preparatory work.

Second, treat stains with a 3:1 ratio of water to vinegar. You must allow this mixture to soak into the stained fabric. Five minutes should be enough.

Third, place a towel over the stained area and apply a hot iron. The pressure and heat causes the stain to transfer to the towel like an inverted water-based temporary tattoo.

• Always rub, never dry

It's an instinct to scrub off dirt. You do it when you shine shoes, wash dishes, even when a stain lingers on sheets, but with carpets, the friction causes it to spread. There is also a good chance that the stain will apply to the fabric, the surest form of permanent discoloration.

Whatever Carpet Cleaning Chiswick solution you use, keep in mind that only blotting removes the stain while applying pressure to the stain causing the liquid to be absorbed by the cloth or sponge.

Another way to protect the carpet fiber is to pay attention to the direction in which it dries. Blotting inwards from the outside of the stain ensures that the stain does not spread further.

A Homemade Carpet Cleaner for deep cleaning

Yes, you can buy all the detergents you want for deep carpet cleaning, especially if you have your own carpet washer.

But it may not be the best option when trying to live a healthy, organic life. If you're part of the Nature team and want to minimize the effect you have on the environment, then this recipe is for you.

Ingredients are: ¾ cup hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup white vinegar, 5 drops essential oils, 2 tbsp dish soap, 2 tbsp fabric softener, and a gallon of hot water but not boiling.

It's a much cleaner alternative to store-bought ones and you get the same results with ease. Lock and load your washing machine with shampoo and you're ready for a deep clean.

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