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How to Create a Calm and Peaceful Home Environment in Order to Sustain Your Personal Growth

Our surroundings more often than not influence our thoughts. Have you ever heard the expression, “what we think, we become?”. Therefore, does that not mean that because the environment in which we live in influences our thoughts, and we become our thoughts, that the home is therefore one of the most important elements to consider on what will impact our personal growth? Because of this, it is so important to create a healthy habitat for us to live in, but how can we create a calm and peaceful home environment in order to sustain our personal growth?

calm and peaceful

Don’t Allow Clutter to Take Over Your Home

First and foremost, don’t allow clutter to take over your home. As if you were cleaning your home to sell it, go through your house top to bottom, leaving no room unturned and start the decluttering process. Effectively, by clearing the home you’re also clearing your mind. There is no point hanging on to material items that no longer serve you, or “spark joy”, to use the words of Marie Kondo. In Japanese culture, they believe in minimalism, which is the opposite of hoarding. They live using the “one in, one out” technique. This literally means whenever they add something to a room, something else must be taken away in order to balance the space. Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, it’s a pretty good way to live.

Choose a room to start, and dedicate an afternoon to each room in your house when it comes to decluttering. This will make it easier. Sometimes the more chronological and well-planned something is, the easier it is to accomplish. The benefits far outweigh the work involved, so don’t hesitate to get started. Clear home, clear head.

Choose Colours Wisely

If you’re planning on doing a little bit of redecoration, think about the colours you’re going to use very carefully. The colours you choose to paint your home can actually have a psychological impact on the way you feel on a day to day basis. Therefore, you’ll want to do a little research and find our what colours invoke feelings of calm and tranquillity before you go out buying any paint.

Think of the last time you either visited, or went to a spa. What sort of colours do you remember seeing? Typically, spas go for neutral shades because they’re the most relaxing – so why not use that as inspiration for your own home? Soft creams and stony shades are the perfect tranquil combination. However, if you do want to add some colour in there, why not follow their lead and take inspiration from nature. Mossy, pastel greens and pale sea blues are the perfect accompanying colour to any neutral shaded tranquil space. They also bring the outside in and allow you to reconnect with the natural world through colour. Even when the sun isn’t shining outside, or you’re feeling poorly and lying on the sofa, you’ll always have a small piece of nature with you. When you think about it, it’s pretty amazing what colours can do.

Bring Nature into Your Home

Why not take that one step further, and add elements of nature into the décor of your home for real? Some house plants are actually air purifying, so not only do they balance a space with nature and again help you to reconnect with the natural world in your home, but they also purify the air.

While you’re at it, why not look into getting a Himalayan salt lamp? Himalayan salt lamps are all natural, and are quite literally made of that kind of pink salt. Not only do they give off a beautiful pink/red glow when lit, but they’re actually renowned for releasing healing elements into the environment. Some people swear that by having these natural elements in their home they are healthier and happier, so why not give it a go? All of the people who swear by it can’t be wrong.

Limit Your Technology

Last, but certainly not least, try limiting the amount that you use technology in certain rooms of your house. A great place to start enforcing this is the dining room, as it means that when it comes to meal times everybody has to be sociable, spend time together and share their days. Likewise, limit it in the bedrooms too. It’s been scientifically proven that staring at a screen, whether that be television or your smartphone, can negatively impact your sleep. Why not give it a miss in order to facilitate better sleep? Sleep is crucial for peace, well-being, and growth, so nurture the room it happens in.

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