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Things to Consider Before Buying
a Shower for Your Bathroom

There are numerous considerations to make for purchasing a shower for your bathroom as the market brims with endless options. Selecting the finest shower for your bathroom is a crucial element of the designing process. In the end, the distinction between a pleasurable shower and a warm stream will be significant. Victoria Plum is popular for some of the most unique and stylish bathroom accessories.

Your shower setup is a complicated matrix of water systems that provide hot and cold water, adjustable water pressure, and various water flow possibilities. We will be talking about some essential points you must consider before buying a shower for your bathroom.

The Water Pressure in Your Pipes

The very first thing you'll have to figure out is if your water pressure is usually high or low. There are techniques for increasing your water pressure if you don't already have it. Water pressure plays a significant role in determining the shower style you require because it will help you find strong shower attachments.

Water pressure is the amount of pressure required to move water from a central network and into your pipes, and it's counted in bars. You should consult with your local municipality and seek expert guidance before making any substantial modifications to learn about the kinds of water pressure you have. Also, confirm if your water system presently comes from mixer showers or digital showers. 

The water system providing hot and cold water determines the water pressure and the improvements you might have to make.

The Water System

The type of water supply system you have can impact the shower you choose. Following are the different kinds of water systems in various households:

A combination boiler is probably one of the most widely used water systems in the world. These boilers rely on mains pressure to distribute hot and cold water throughout your house, 

Combi boilers are often the finest for providing hot water whenever you want, and, if possible, they will get you maximum water pressure. To achieve these objectives, combi-boiler installations are suitable with mixer showers.

If someone lives in an old house, there is a chance the heating and water systems are gravity-driven. Sadly, these varieties are notorious for having poor water pressure and flow. Gravity-fed systems, including a cold-water storage tank in your attic area and a hot water boiler commonly housed in an airing closet, are among the most popular. 

Gravity-fed systems, in reality, lead to low water pressure. Nevertheless, a shower with pumping components is easy to install and can increase the water pressure.

A secondary hot water tank is required for an unvented shower system to keep a quantity of hot water at mains pressure.

A steel hot water tank and a wall-hung boiler make up this system. An electric heater heats the water in the cylinder.

You can think about what attachments you may need and which style of shower you finally want to get after knowing your water pressure and cold and hot water supply.

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