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Buying Guide for Bidets

A bidet is a great way to make any bathroom much more comfortable and accessible. Bidets are a bathroom hygiene aid that use water to help users clean themselves, and remain independent while doing so. Many types of people can benefit from the use of a bidet, whether the person is elderly, disabled, mobility restricted, or simply has the desire to get a better clean. 

However for vulnerable people, a bidet spray or a bidet toilet seat can be the difference between keeping their dignity and self esteem when using the bathroom, and having to ask for further assistance when using the toilet on a daily basis. Purchasing a bidet can be a big decision, as there are many types of bidets, each with their own merits that needs to be assessed in comparison with the intended users needs. 

This guide will explain some of the key points you should know about the different types of bidets and bidets in general before you make a purchase. 

Different Kinds of Bidets:

Bidets come in a range of styles, each with their own uses and applications. It is important to know the difference, how these styles are each installed, and what they can offer to the user. 

  • Smart Bidet Toilet Seats are a high tech version of a bidet seat. Bidet toilet seats are quite self explanatory – they have a bidet nozzle installed into the seat itself. The smart option means that the actions of the bidet can be controlled by a remote wireless connection. This seat offers 4 different modes of cleaning – posterior, feminine, massage and swing settings, which will ensure that the user is not only adequately cleaned, but is also kept comfortable throughout the process. The smart bidet toilet seat also boasts a self cleaning nozzle, meaning that no lengthy cleaning processes need to be undertaken to upkeep the integrity of this safety and hygiene device.
  • Water Powered Bidet Toilet Seats do share similarities with smart bidet toilet seats, in that they both are toilet seats with nozzles installed, and both offer posterior and feminine cleaning options. Water powered options, however, do not require electricity to be used like the smart bidet does. Water powered bidet toilet seats simply need to be attached via a hose system to function. This option also boasts water pressure control, and if you’re looking for added functionality, night glow options are available.
  • Bidet Attachment Rounds are some of the easiest bidet options to install. They require a hose link to a water system, but in terms of the installation of the device in relation to the user, you can simply pop the round onto almost any existing toilet seat. The dial then protrudes from the side of the toilet bowl making it easy for everyone to access. This option offers many adjustable settings such as water pressure, different cleaning options and water temperature. Like the water powered bidet toilet seats, this aid does not require any electricity to function, just a steady water supply.
  • Handheld Bidet Sprayers are an excellent addition to every bathroom. Quite self explanatory, a handheld bidet sprayer consists of a hose attached to a water system that can be brought to wherever the user requires it. It can be hung up on the wall, not dissimilar to the way a shower head on a hose can be used. The trigger nozzle allows for the user to control exactly when the water is turned on and off, and they can of course move the aid to wherever they require it in order to get the necessary level of cleanliness. 

Things to Know Before Buying a Bidet:

  • The installation method of any given bidet device is extremely important to know before making a purchase. You have to be able to install the device correctly and safely for it to work, so it is always best to know what installation options you have within your current bathroom. For some styles, it may just require you to attach the piece to an existing toilet seat, others may require a more lengthy process, and some may even require professional advice. It is good to contact an independent living aid if you are ever unsure.
  • The cleaning settings must be considered before making a purchase. All bidets come with a posterior cleaning option as this is the standard use for a bidet aid, however some users may require feminine cleaning options, and furthermore, to add to the comfort of the aid may allow it to remain sustainable for longer – meaning the user can remain independent for longer. Considering an option with a massage or swing setting may allow users to continue using this device for longer
  • The upkeep of a particular model of bidet should also be considered before buying. Many bidet styles come equipped with self cleaning nozzles, that means that the user will not have to manually clean the piece to make it hygienic, however many bidets do not have this option – any handheld model would obviously require manual cleaning. It is essential to understand the capabilities of a user – if they can’t clean the aid, or don’t have someone to do it for them, the aid will become unhygienic over time.
  • The users unique needs are the most important thing to consider before purchasing a bidet. It is essential to know exactly how your user is going to interact with the aid to ensure that the right option is purchased. Many bidets offer many different functionalities, each of which would provide a different service to a user. For example, someone who is mobility restricted would not benefit as greatly from a hand held bidet sprayer as they would a bidet toilet seat style. Knowing what your user needs will inform the purchase you make, and if you need further help deciding, consulting an independent living aid can be a helpful place to start.

Finding the Right Bidet For Me/My User:

With so many options for bidets on the market, it can become overwhelming to decide what the correct option is for you, but knowing exactly what your unique and personal needs are is the best place to start. For further information, check out this helpful guide: Bidet Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2021.

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