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Things to Buy a Pair of Single Bed Sheets

Single beds are mostly used by students or parents for their kids. They are an ideal choice for both of these categories and since they do not have enough space they should be comfortable enough to provide you with quality sleep. Single bedsheets play an important role in this regard because your body is directly in contact with them so certainly they are the major responsible factor of comfort you are likely to get from them. A better quality sheet will feel softer and last longer. When buying the sheets you pay for various things unknowingly and in this article, we are going to discover what you pay for when you buy a pair of single bed sheets.


There is a long list of fabric material used for making bed sheets but we will quote some important names here which are most widely used ones like cotton and its blends, silk, polyester, microfiber, fleece, and linen. All these fabrics vary greatly in fibre length, thread count, weave type, and of course comfort. Usually, cotton and it's blended fabrics are cool, soft, and durable plus they are moisture absorbers and a water-loving fabric which is very easy to clean. Cotton bed sheets are one less expensive when compared to silk and other fabric items.

Know that silk, linen, and Egyptian cotton are one of the most expensive fabrics when it comes to bed sheets.

Weave type

It affects how sheet few and looks moreover their longevity and price. Basic and plain weaves are often least expensive such as percale, it offers thread count of 180 to 200 and offers durability and softness. Whereas when it comes to sateen waves, it is incredibly soft and durable but prone to pilling and ripping. Some wave-types result in intricate floral patterns that create a textured feel that is durable but very expensive.

Thread count

Thread count is the indication of threads woven in a square inch of fabric and its values vary from 200 to 1600. Thread count increases so does its value. Therefore 400 to 800 is a suggested value in order to buy the right quality without spending much, remember that anything above 800 is unnecessary and a waste of money.


Dyes play an important role in determining the overall look of the bed sheets therefore they are another factor you are paying for when buying the single bed sheet. Natural and synthetic dyes are used to dye the bedding items so if the sheets you are getting have been dyed from natural dyes which are extracted from plants or animals your sheets will cost higher and on the other hand, if you opt for synthetic dyes your sheets will be less expensive. It also depends whether the sheets have been dyed during the manufacturing process or after it finished. Because the patterns and colors applied during manufacture makes the discoloration likely and cost a bit more than the one which has been colored while weaving. Because the latter method results in stiff and sturdy sheets.

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