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How to Build a Durable Storage Shed in Your Backyard

Durable Storage Shed

If your garage has become so full of tools and equipment that you have run out of space to park your car, then now is the time to build yourself a storage shed.

The simplest design is a slant roof shed that can be easily built using lean to shed plans and pressure-treated lumber. Many homeowners wish to have a personal shed in their backyard, and the cheapest way to get one is to build it yourself.

Gather the Lumber and Tools

You will need 16d galvanized nails, 6d box nails, 3-inch screws, tape measure, hinges, clamps, a speed square, and a level. Caulk, tin snips, stepladder, drill bit set, router, hammer, cordless drill, jigsaw, circular saw, and a pocket hole jig will also be required for construction.Also, ensure to use proper hearing and eye protection during the building process.

For building the joists, beams, and studs, you will need 1x6, 2x4, 2x6, 4x6, and 2x10 lumber boards cut to appropriate lengths as per the shed building plans. Composite trim, siding, soffits, grooved plywood, Z-flashing, and shingles will also be needed.

Make sure to have all these materials delivered to your yard before you start construction. This will guarantee that you don't need to stop work and rush to the store to get any missing items.

Build the Foundation

Contact the utility companies in advance to find out the location of any underground utility lines running through your yard. This will prevent any costly mistakes or accidents while building the foundation.

Check with your local building council about how close you can build the foundation to your property lines. Once you have finalized the location for the foundation, drive four stakes into the ground marking the four corners of the foundation. Use a string and level to measure if there is any slope in the ground. Remove a six-inch deep layer of soil and fill the ground with compact gravel.

Create four concrete forms using 2x12 lumber and nail them along the four sides of the foundation. Brace the forms with stakes and kickers fastened every two feet along the forms.

Pour concrete mix into the forms and level it with a straight 2x4 board. Round the edges of the concrete with an edger. Smoothen the surface with a trowel after the concrete has cured a little bit.

Craft the Walls and Roof

Fasten the perimeter boards with the wall studs using 16d nails. Secure siding to the walls with nails and use flashing to cover the seams.

Create the rafter from the template using 2x4 lumber. Also, craft the ridge board and sub fascia from the same lumber as per the shed blueprints. Align the rafters with the ridge board and fasten them by driving 16d galvanized nails through the sub fascia.

Finally, secure the soffits to the roof frame using 6d box nails. Similarly, build the other part of the roof panel.

Hoist the walls into place and fasten the bottom plate to the concrete slab using 3-inch screws and 16 nails. Secure the corners of the walls with each other by nailing into the studs.

Raise the roof panels into place until the birdsmouth cuts are over the top wall plate. Align the ridge board with the peak of the wall.

Toenail each birdsmouth into the top wall plate and fasten the roof frame to the walls. Then install two collar ties four feet apart from each other.

Make the Doors and Windows

Craft two different door frames with the help of pocket screws, and then glue them together to create a 1.5-inch thick door. Clamp the trim with the door such that it extends a little over the door, then route for the hinges.

Install the door frame inside the wall opening by fastening screws into the trim. Craft the doors using 1x6 boards cut and fastened in two layers. Cut pieces of grooved plywood for fitting inside the upper and lower door recesses. Fasten them to the frame with nails driven into the molding and then sand their edges.

Cut the hinge recesses into the door frame and then fasten the hinges first to the door frame and then to the door using 1-inch screws. Lastly, add the side and top trim pieces on the door.

Cut the side trim pieces for the windows and assemble the frame using pocket screws. Create a recess at the back of the frame for installing polymer sheets. Secure the frame into the wall opening and attach the header and side trim. Install the polymer sheet install the window recess using silicone and glazing beads.

Add Final Touches

Install the roof shingles and exterior trim. Prime and paint the walls, doors, and windows. Seal all openings and holes with a caulk gun.

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