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The Best Way to Rake Leaves

Does your backyard have many beautiful trees planted? Maybe the biggest oak and other medium or small trees. They can provide overshadow in hot summer for your rest, and beautify your garden. However, although those trees are very attractive and environmentally friendly, you may be anxious about those falling leaves in autumn.

In this season, tree leaves gradually become golden, yellow and red. They are falling onto the ground from branches and cover your garden or yard in bright colors. Now, your family may be brainstorming how to get rid of those leaves, burning, dumping into dustcart or composting? Then how to depose them? I'd like to introduce several optimum ways to sweep falling leaves.

Leaf Rake Set

Leaf scoops are very common in garden tools as they work efficiently. One of the optimum ways to sweep yard leaves is using the combination of leaf rake + leaf scoop + garden bags. They are probably your common tools in autumn. If you choose leaf rake, the better choice is to take a fan rake made of plastic. There are many other kinds of rakes in the garden market, but the plastic fan rake head is more efficient and favorable in price. If you only use the leaf rake, then choose a long handle fitting your height, this will save your back. Otherwise, when doing this job, carry a leaf dustpan into which you can rake leaves, saving most of your time.

Leaf Blower

Another effective way is using leaf blower. Although leaf blower is always used to get rid of grass, if you don't want to rake leaves by hands, you can use the leaf blower. This will also be effective if you have a large yard and have to remove a lot of leaves. This can also save you time. If you are near the woods, you can blow them at the back of your house so that they can decompose naturally.

Yard Vacuum Cleaner

Compared with common vacuum cleaner, yard vacuum clearer can suck up yard leaves and grass clippings. There is an adjunctive bag coming with yard vacuum cleaner, and even some cleaners can pick rubbishes and other garden waste, not only leaves. 

How to Deal with Leaves

After collecting leaves, how do you work with them?

  • Add them into your compost bin. This will be very effective in your compost piles because those leaves can provide carbon helping accelerate the process of decomposing grass and kitchen waste.
  • Cover them. You can decompose them directly and cover your garden. This way can be fertilizer to your soil and keep moisture to your plants, availing your vegetables to grow healthily.

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