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What Is the Best Way to Clean Carpet?

professional carpet cleaners

Hygiene is one of the very important things, either it is your hygiene or the place that you are living in. Many of us have carpets in our home which can make the cleanliness of our house a challenge. Having carpet all over the house or around the house is an equal amount of work, you have to make sure that it stays clean because that is something you will be walking barefoot on. So, getting your carpet cleaned every once in a while, is a great idea. If your caret isn’t clean, it can give you many different diseases, especially if you already have dust allergies.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning without any doubt is a difficult task, so most people rely on professional cleaners to do this job. Professional carpet cleaners make sure that you don’t have to go through all the trouble of doing it yourself. They have specific equipment and cleaning machines which can clean carpets better than you ever can.

Best way to clean a carpet

Even if you are not hiring professional help for carpet cleaning, you still have to research the methods. Some methods use dry professional cleaners, and with the help of the internet, you can learn these as well. If you require a more detailed carpet clean, or moth treatment for carpets due to infestation, then hiring a professional in these circumstances is recommended. Here are some of the following carpet cleaning methods that you can delve right into...

  • Hot water extraction is one of the best-known methods, especially for allergic detergents and soaps used for cleaning carpets. The hot water will burn down any microbial activity on your carpet, protecting you from infectious diseases. One of the challenges that this method poses is that the carpet needs much time to dry, and it will require you not to move around on the carpet unless it is completely clean. 
  • The bonnet cleaning method is another one of the methods, and it is done when the carpet needs light cleaning. This method is affordable and less time-consuming. 
  • Carpet dry cleaning in homes and offices can be done as well. This isn’t a great idea for people who have dust allergies, but the good thing is that the carpet won’t need time to dry. Your house will need proper ventilation if you want this method to work. 
  • Shampooing or the use of detergents helps on the carpet when there is a stain on your carpet. But this method will leave behind the residue of detergent, which can cause allergies in people. 

Professional cleaners use all these methods, but it is much easier than doing it yourself with a team and relative machines. This Carpet cleaning company in San Diego is one of the best & most recommended by people.

How can you keep your carpets clean?

It is very much impossible to keep your carpet clean around kids and pets, but you can still try it. 

  • An air filter or purifier can help remove all the dirt from the house or room it is paced in. This way, your carpet will be less likely to get dirty. 
  • Make sure you remove your shoes before entering the house so they can carry the dirt from outside to the carpet. If you want, you can have separate home slippers.
  • Make sure to trim your pet’s nails and trim their fur to don’t carry the dirt inside the home from their walks outside. 
  • If you have a furnace in your home, make sure to change its filter every year. Otherwise, the debris on the filter will pile up and fall back on your carpet. 
  • Some people have this idea that regular vacuuming their carpet will ruin it. So, remove this concept from your brain because that is not true. Make a habit of keeping your house clean and vacuuming more often. 
  • Make sure to install fine meshes on your windows so dust can’t pass through them. For ventilation, you can install a ventilation system in your house, which will be much better than using windows. 

Carpet cleaning mistakes

When cleaning the carpet, people make many mistakes. These mistakes either end up with an even dirtier carpet or will ruin your caret completely. Suppose you are prone to making such mistakes while cleaning the carpets. In that case, you can save yourself from this trouble and get the professional cleaner's help. Following are some of these mistakes that you can make

  • When you are using a brush for scrubbing the carpet, people don’t do it gently. They scrub too hard, which makes their carpet hard and will ruin it completely. 
  • In a hurry, most people don’t remove all the detergent from the carpet. Getting the detergent out of the carpet is very important and is not something anyone can do with great ease. Do your best to remove all the detergent or shampoo from your carpet, or you can just let the professionals do it instead. 
  • When you are using the hot water method, make sure you are using fresh water. The steam wand used for this method will need several refills, and all should be of freshwater. 
  • When a carpet is still damp, you shouldn’t be walking on it. Give it some time before you can walk on it. 

These mistakes should be avoided to ensure that your cleaning carpet part goes smooth. 


This is all you needed to know about cleaning your carpets by yourself. If you are unable to do it by yourself still then you need to use the help of professional cleaners. Nit cleaning your carpet is never an option because it will cause you many health issues. Regular vacuum cleaning can delay the thorough cleaning that your carpet needs.

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