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Best Skirting Board Designs

Best Skirting Board Designs

There are huge selections of different designs for skirting boards - 100 or even more if we count them. In any case, we will separate the top skirting board designs that are available to buy directly from the less famous ones. Although the skirting board prices may vary from top to bottom, the difference is not as much as people think. 

Top 3 skirting board designs

The top 3 designs namely are that of bullnose MDF skirting board, square MDF skirting board and 330 MDF skirting board.

Bullnose MDF Skirting Board

The most popular and famous designs that of Bullnose. It is also referred to as Pencil Round skirting. You might take a gander at this and can’t help thinking about it.

It’s unquestionably not among the most decorative skirting boards. All in all, it may be not very interesting. Its only feature is that of 10mm radius that forms the round design on the top front edge. However, the absence of highlights causes it to work practically with any interior. It won’t detract from different highlights in the room.

Another motivation behind picking this design so regularly is a direct result of the fact that it is so natural to keep up and easy to maintain. Cleaning them is easy as there’s no place for dust to hide or settle either. They’re additionally simple to paint as the surface is level, aside from the little round at the top.

It’s likewise a top decision for since it very well may be anything but difficult to introduce.

Square MDF Skirting Board

This might be an astonishment to you, a skirting board with no decorative feature or design on it at all, could be among the top designs for skirting boards? The answer is yes. Why? Because it is simply perfect, just clean with straight edges. 

Nonetheless, we live in a modern world where perfect and fresh lines are a lot of a major piece of the interior design plan. This may help clarify why the Square plan is so popular and in demand. 

This design is likewise well known inside shops and different spots where nothing extravagant is required - only something that does the job right and something you don’t have to stress about a lot over getting knocked or scuffed. 

So, why people love this design so much? The answer is none other than simplicity.

330 MDF Skirting Board

In case you’re searching for a traditional design, 330 is the one you’re looking for. The design features ogee style bends and curves. 

Because of its traditional design, it works best in a traditional setting, yet there’s no such reason for you not being able to utilize it in a modern setting - particularly if you need to use them as a feature. 

Reasons for this design being popular is that it is decorative but that too not over the top. Moreover, the design isn’t that big, because of which it can work on skirting boards which are shorter, which are purchased more often.

Final Words

What’s astounding is that there’s a mixture of very different combinations in the top designs which are the most purchased – let them be plain ones or decorative ones. However, people usually like purchasing the plain ones as they can easily go with their interior designs. In the end, it all depends on what people prefer and like.

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