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Want the Best ROI on Luxury Apartments?
Make Sure You Follow These Guidelines

Indian economy is undoubtedly recovering from prolonged economic stagnancy. As the economy stands firm, the upper class is again turning to luxury apartments. Opulent lifestyle never goes out of style; everyone dreams and works hard to afford the luxury. Nowadays, wealthy people are investing in luxurious homes to lease or rent the property to probable customers. If you invest in a luxurious property to get a high ROI, this article is just for you. 

These houses are getting popular in metropolitan cities; the executive class wants a luxury week off to get rid of the city bustle, and mediocre life. As technology crept into our lives, we are often exposed to other people's lives through social media, and here is how people are so much inclined to luxurious housing.

Here are a few things that you need to lookout for, before buying a luxurious apartment. 

Location is the maestro

Yes, a luxurious house will appear grand only when it has some mesmerising views to offer. Location is the key to luxury real estate. Hong Kong is the most expensive real estate market because of its location; the city looks fantastic from the glass window of the 40th story building. So, if you are looking for a luxurious apartment in mediocre land, you will lose the bet.

Make sure to do a ground-level analysis of the location of the project. As you invest in a life-time possession, it is crucial to perform a fact check on the property. A luxury home use to spend almost 116 days in the market during 2017. So, you will have enough time to decide on which location to hop onto.

Some tips for choosing the ideal location:

  • Look for properties nearby tourist attractions so that tourists can enjoy local sightseeing. 
  • Invest in a property that offers a soothing view and serenity; people want to stay in a place that is not like a city and has better amenities than city life.
  • Watch out for highways, flyovers, hospitals, community centers, shopping malls, museums, and more.
  • The area should have proper road, metro, and air connectivity.


During vacations or staycations, one does not want to stay either in the middle of the road or suburban outskirts. So, balance inaccessibility is essential; the property should be connected to significant places and city points and maintain a value of privacy. Staying in the middle of the city is a better option in various cities like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and more. If you are looking for a luxurious apartment in Banglore, check out prime locations like Sadashiv Nagar and Richmond Road. These locations offer beautiful views and excellent accessibility. 

  • See the accessibility points of the location. From where you need to turn and reach your destination should not take longer
  • See what transport is the best for the locality. And the people visiting here will be comfortable with transport.
  • Do not go beyond city limits; staying in the outskirts has its own set of accessibility problems. 

General amenities

Luxuriant living is all about over the top amenities that make human lives better and easier. All the luxury houses should be filled with high-class amenities to make a living experience a grand affair. Almost every luxury house is built with unique designs and high-quality materials. A luxury apartment has it all from wooden flooring to patio stone wine cellar to the outdoor kitchen. 

The kitchen, the heart of the home is equipped with appliance-lined corporate usage appliances. These appliances are advanced, and some can even operate on the commands of smartphones. Isn't this what we call lavish living? The kitchens include smart appliances and are also located outdoors to offer a star gazed dining experience. 

The majority of the kitchen space has an excellent wine cellar to entertain guests. These homes are equipped with game zones, that include indoor basketball, an indoor pool, a heated swimming pool, spa-style washrooms, and more.

The outlook and feel

A luxurious house must provide a sense of richness and royalty as you step inside. A place that looks like an ordinary apartment can never be an elegant home. There is no space for mediocre things in luxury apartments, so reject a house that does not make you feel rich. 

The outlook of the luxury house must look like a mansion with character. A house without a character is just like a flower without an aroma; you have to see if the house is giving the right vibe that you are looking for. Do not settle for anything less than the best, because your luxury property is of no worth if it's not best than other houses. While looking for the ideal luxury apartment, believe your instincts and notions because you are the place’s first customer. If you are not impressed with the property, then there is no way you can persuade anyone else.

  • The house must have an expanded airy open floor plan. This kind of floor plan looks best on luxury houses.
  • It should also have an open terrace garden and a herb stand to give a green effect. 


Your property's neighbourhood will decide what kind of deals will you get on a property. If you are investing in a posh neighbourhood area, it is quite obvious that you will receive high ROI as the property valuation is high. But investing in a mediocre neighbourhood won't attract big clients and deals as the property valuation is not up to the mark.

So always invest in a neighbourhood with high property valuation and is a popular site in the city. Make sure to choose a location that is nearby a popular tourist attention point to engage more clients.


Investing in a luxurious property involves tons of money. These contemporary architecture and features offer luxury houses equipped with world-class amenities. From the customised heating swimming pool to heating doors, you will find everything that will spill nothing but luxury.

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