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Best Paints to Use in Australia

Best Paints

The walls of a house are the first thing you see when you enter a room and they set the tone of any room. Moreover, these walls serve to be a canvas for plants, décor, and furniture, and people would want to have a wall that matches the house furniture. This is why it is crucial to pick the best quality paint that will last for a long time.

Below are some of the very popular colours to consider when painting a house:

  1. Aubergine

This paint colour works magic as it gives people the look and feel of a nice garden of eggplants. The paint works by adding warmth in cool areas of the country. It takes in the sunlight. It radiates with boldness and offers fun purple without overwhelming the entire space. You can use the product in outdoor grasses, exteriors, landscaping features, and sheds. However, if you happen to use it indoors, you will realize that it is murky.

  1. Off-white

This is white and a stunning shade. It is primarily ideal during the summers because it reflects the sun's heat and brings out the serene beauty of the sandy beaches. It works for most individuals, especially in the Australian sun, by providing a clean and refreshing white color. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Something important to remember, though, is that it requires high maintenance, and therefore it is advised to pick the paint that can easily be washed. Also, shun from placing the paint in crowded areas with children and pets because they can stain it.

  1. Burgundy

Burgundy is another fantastic paint to use under the Australian sun. All you need to do is apply one or two coats and enjoy its versatile hues. It can be paired with other colors such as grey, beige, bold green, and white to achieve any effect. The paint offers a sense of warmth and blends with the inside of the house or outside. The reason behind picking this paint is its masculinity and the fact that it complements Aussie natives, whether the palm trees or grasses. You can apply the paint to the living room walls or use it for landscaping.

  1. Taupe

The paint is used to bring together all the sculptural elements of a home or the backyard. The paint is safe and delivers a soothing effect, and thus it is perfect for renovation with the intention to resale the property. Use this paint for exterior walls and blend with white or light trim colors. This will ensure visual balance and rids dullness.

  1. Gunmetal

This is used to provide a utopia landscape design. It is an excellent choice because it soaks up the sun and keeps your home warm. As a result, you can comfortably do outdoor entertainment as you watch the sun go down. The paint's natural color blends naturally into the surroundings bringing out boldly the landscaping features and the plants. It is usually used in courtyards and gardens. However, if used inside the house, it delivers an industrial vibe.

  1.  Ochre

Ochre lets you paint the interiors and exteriors of a fireplace in a different shade. The paint brings out the disguise in dirt and dust. It is earthy and eye-catching, and this is the most lovable feature of this paint. You can apply it in and on the fireplace and also on feature walls, but this should be in small doses.

  1. Cream

This color is known for bouncing off the sunlight in the room. However, it requires frequent cleaning because it can be marked by fingers and scuffs. Nevertheless, it is pretty than the white color and soothes the eyes. It can be used on walls both inside and outside the house.

  1. Celery green

This paint gives your home a pleasant tone and blends with the surrounding. Moreover, it ensures that the space is bright all day long. It is mainly used outdoors and in rooms with no bright lights.

  1. Khaki

It is commonly used in wardrobes, and that is because it goes along with everything. It is lovable because of its subtle and calming effects. Use it to paint outside walls while blending with other colors.

  1. Rust

This is a perfect addition to your exterior walls. It goes well with the timber features and can be used in gardens and courtyards.

  1. Burnt Orange

This is for people who love shouting colors. It is perfect for gardens as it adds some orange zest that compliments the foliage and flowers. You can use it in small doses in the garden.

  1. Blue-grey

This is eye-catching and delivers a calming tone that goes along with metal designs. It works well because it adds some color to the house, but it is not overwhelming. It can be utilized in the garden and the outside walls.

  1. Beige

This is an ideal shade for individuals with different tastes in decoration. It is perfect for a sunny day and both indoors and outdoors. It is also perfect because it goes well with everything. You can apply it in the living rooms and dining rooms.

For more ideas around choosing painting colours for your home, speak to a local painter in your area.

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