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Best Materials Use to Make the Roof

Roofs are made in different verity of colors and material, but what is the roof which is cheapest to install? Making a roof for a new house is a big decision because there are a large number of materials. Most people select some type of asphalt shingle because they are least expensive. While asphalt shingle gives permission to the homeowner with a tight budget to get a new roof at low budget, but they have some problems that some more expensive material doesn’t have. To make a good and strong roof the house owner has to spend a large amount of money, which causes a tension for the house owner. One may also contact the Roof Repair NJ for the roof repairing - they are the best in their work.

Here is a list of five commonly used shingles for roof:

Asphalt shingle:

This is the most commonly used and less expensive roofing shingle. Architecture shingles are thicker and more expensive than a standard three-tab asphalt shingles. For a typical ranch style home removing old roof can run at least $8000.

Wood shingles:

Wood shingles are more expensive than asphalt shingle. For a typical ranch home removing old roof can run at least $14000.

Metal roof:

These are most suitable for roofs with very flat roof lines. For $16500 you can have a metal roof professionally installed with guarantee of 50 to 75 years. Metal roofs are long lasting and strong.

Slate shingle:

These are very famous roof shingle in the northeastern united states, where slate is quarried. State is very long lasting and can least up to 50 years. Synthetic slate material is available in affordable money but they are not long lasting and high quality. Professional installation of slate shingle roof on typical ranch house can cost as much as $48000.

Tile shingle:

Tile roofs cost upward $21000. Ceramic clay costs as much as $63000 but comes with a 75 years guarantee.

So, what is the cheapest roof to install? The answer is asphalt shingle.

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