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The Best Machine for Sewing Leather

Sewing Leather

Leather is a fairly thick material and difficult to handle. Many of you have worked with him by hand and know how troublesome he is.

Well, don't be afraid of taking your sewing machine and getting down to business. With a little practice and a series of tips that we are going to give you, you will surely become a leather professional.

The needle is very important when sewing. If it is leather that we are going to work on it will be much more.

They differ from conventional ones in that they are thicker, less elastic and have a sharper tip for better penetration. They also usually have a larger eyelet to introduce thicker threads (necessary for leather).

The needles are stronger and harder because it must pierce the leather correctly.

There are still people who use needles for linen or jeans, they break the needle or they don't pierce the leather and they wonder why. Each needle with its type of fabric. It's that easy.

With a thickness between 80 and 100 (European nomenclature) it will be more than enough. If we have the option, it is best to try different sizes, as not all leathers are the same.

If the leather is synthetic, we can use other more appropriate needles. Let's see them:

And for Synthetic Leather?

Synthetic leather is very similar to real leather but its composition is completely different. Thus, the needle differs depending on what type of imitation it is.

Normally with a number between 100 and 120 it will be enough, although as we already say there are many different leathers.

Choose the Thread Well

The thread must be chosen carefully. Must be stronger than normal.

Normally to sew leather by hand, the waxed thread has been used over 1 mm thick. For conventional sewing machines it is better to use other types of threads, such as polyester or nylon.

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Some Advices

Do not use pins. Leather has a problem and that is that if you pierce it or mark it, you will not be able to hide it or rectify it. It is best to use any type of clip to fix the fabric.

Apply talc to make the material slip better and not stick. With a little is enough, do not sin in excess covering everything.

Try before you start. There is always some leather left over or we have at home, take it and practice with the needles and thread to find the desired style.

Start with the simple. How in all the projects in which you are an amateur it is convenient to start little by little until you refine the technique. Start with simple designs such as belts, wallets, bracelets ... You can try making your design in another type of fabric with which you feel comfortable and then carry it out on the leather.

Use a specific presser foot to sew leather. There is a Teflon one that is perfect for this type of sewing. It does not stick to the leather and the stitches will be much more precise.

Last Conclusions

Today's sewing machines are suitable for many types of textiles. However, when you want to work on some specific material (especially if it is our first objective) it is convenient to find a special machine for this task.

Yes, it is true that some machines can sew the finest leather, but if the task is complicated. This is solved with leather sewing machines. They are machines with other types of power than conventional ones.

Therefore, before buying anything, think about what type of leather you are going to sew. Maybe with a standard machine with the appropriate accessories you can do it without any problem.

Threading leather sewing machines can be a bit of a complex task. You have to be careful and have some skill.

The needles and thread will also be different than those of a conventional machine. If you use the usual ones in a short time you will have the leather frayed and without the seam.

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