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Best Home Automation Ideas and Trends to Renovate Your Space

Haven’t you wondered at least once how much life would get easier after coming across a smart home somewhere? Technology has been advancing with the passing of every year, and the year 2022 is no different.

More people are choosing to follow several smart home automation ideas as they become more aware of their benefits. Home automation ideas are not just about Siris and Alexas!

Best Smart Home Ideas

It is not that hard to make your home smart if you’re ever planning a home renovation. So, here are nine smart devices to improve your quality of life by making most of your work at home more accessible.

1. Home Security Cameras

Perimeters, doorbells, and interior cameras are essential security equipment needed for a home. With them, you can easily monitor your home through your smartphone whenever you’re far from home or on vacation.

Incorporating security cameras in your apartment’s entryway and other areas without exposing them can help improve security and protection. Installing doorbell cameras is an excellent choice as they come hardwired.

2. Entry Sensors

An entry sensor is one of the must-have innovations you should include in your home if you think of a smart home idea. The sensors of windows and doors will alert you if they are open or unlatched. They also work jointly with your home security system to inform your alarm company if a security breach occurs.

3. Smart Locks

The first and foremost among many helpful home automation ideas you can do in your living space is to install a smart lock. It is always better to get in and out of your apartment without having clumsy keys.

Save the worry of losing the key every time by installing a keyless entry system that helps you activate the deadbolt with just a code.

Smart locks also offer burglar protection - you will have to enter random numbers before you input the security code so as not to reveal the code through finger smudges. They also have the feature of automatic relocking as well as a wireless security system alerting if a break-in happens.

There are also smart locks that can be unlocked using your smartphone- it is one of the best innovative home ideas to improve your safety.

There are smart locks that use touchscreen keypads for smooth aesthetics and extra security of a backup code. You can program smart locks to arm your security system. This system takes your comfort to the next level in addition to having the added advantage of providing enhanced security.

4. Smart Cooktops

A smart cooktop is one of the most beneficial ideas for your home if you enjoy cooking. Innovative cooktops have the advantage of not getting overheated, such as traditional cooktops, since they use induction technology. As a result, they only heat the cookware. Hence, they are a safe choice for homes with kids.

Do you want to know the other advantage of innovative cooktops? They have touchscreen capabilities to cook food faster and help make your cooking experience easier and more enjoyable. If you are considering home renovation sometime soon, this smart home idea would be great to include in your living space as per new technology.

5. Smart Refrigerator

Have you thought of your refrigerator as something more helpful rather than just storing food? We often paste sticky notes, photos, and calendars on the fridge, but it can do more. Smart refrigerators come with built-in family hub touch displays that help us access the internet to watch a show, view our family calendar, keep notes for other family members, and much more.

Some smart refrigerators also come with the potential to detect internal temperature variations, and this will help you make sure that food is kept at the correct temperature all the time. For all these reasons, a smart refrigerator is also one of the most valuable inclusions in your living space.

6. Smart Home Control Panel

Changing your wall switches with a smart panel with touchscreen capabilities is a good idea. It helps in the easy control of lights and other essential electronics. You can access almost everything in a single spot, such as security and intercom. Smart lighting is also a great way to save energy as they detect movement when someone enters the room and turns themselves off.

A smart home control panel blends well into your home walls; you can install it somewhere all the members of your house gather to make access to it more accessible for everyone.

Don’t you also think controlling every aspect of your home with just a few taps is more relaxed than anything else? If yes, don’t wait to get it done during your next home renovation.

7. Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is handy in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your living space. It allows you to do this even when you’re not present at home; most smart thermostats do not even require recurrent adjustments. It is one of the best smart home ideas you can include in your home, especially in the coming time when environmental change is likely to have a lot of effects.

Thermostats with innovative Wi-Fi technology and sensors offer complete control that lets you adjust your apartment temperature using your smartphone, no matter where you are. These devices pick up your preferences and habits over time with use, thereby changing themselves as per your schedule. All these features help in having great comfort living in your home.

8. Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs offer several advantages for your home and budget as they last longer than standard bulbs. They can change their color from dim to bright white; they can dim and turn themselves off when you enter and leave the rooms.

Investing in smart bulbs while renovating your home is a favorable choice. The installation of smart lights is as simple as changing a light bulb. You can control them using your smartphone to change their color or dim the brightness; you can even schedule smart bulbs to turn on and off when you want.

It is also a safety feature as you can schedule to turn lights on even when you are away from home for days - it will make the property seem as if it is occupied even when it is not, thereby fooling potential criminals. It is a feature that will help save you energy and money.

9. Built-In Speakers

Standard audio equipment such as speakers can take up so much space in our homes. Their wires can also ruin the aesthetic feel of your apartment. With the advancement in technology, it has become easier to integrate speakers directly into your home, such as walls, cabinetry, and patios during construction. You can also match these devices with the painting of your wall and wood veneers.


Making a smart home is setting up devices and appliances that make your living space more convenient for your needs. A smart home will have a networked connection to control everything - from security access to temperature and lighting control to television control and even garage doors.

Hence, this article highlights the best automation ideas and trends to renovate your space.

Author Bio:

Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for smart devices.

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