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What Are The Best Exterior
Home Remodeling Ideas?

Home improvements and renovations are more popular as Americans have more equity in their homes. But did you know exterior renovations can often offer tremendous bang for your buck because they can be seen from the street? 

Below are some fantastic exterior renovations ideas to try soon! 

Install New Siding

One of the most attractive and cost-effective exterior renovations is to replace your current siding with faux stone panels

These beautiful panels look like the real thing and are available in stacked stone, pillar, brick, and many more. They also add plenty of visual interest and depth to the outside, just be sure you use brick and stone carefully to make sure they match. 

Also, faux stone is durable and maintenance-free, so you don’t have to think about them again once you put them up – except to admire their beauty. 

Paint The Exterior

Replacing your siding will improve the home’s value, but sometimes you just need a fresh coat of paint. 

Even if your current paint isn’t peeling, it can get dull after just five years. So, consider painting the house with a brighter and lighter color to update the style. 

Be sure you select a new color that matches your home’s style. For example, some home styles, including Tudor, Victorian, and Colonial, are more suited for lighter shades of white or grey. But if your home has a more contemporary look, you can opt for more unusual colors, such as aqua. 

Replace The Front Door

If your front door is years old, it’s probably chipped and faded. Simply replacing it with an inexpensive steel or fiberglass door can increase curb appeal. A new door also can be more energy-efficient, and some estimates say you can get up to 90% of your money back. 

Add A Fence

Having a nice-looking fence can make the home look fancier, and it adds security. Depending on your area, fences can be between four and nine feet high and be made of wood, synthetic material, or stone. 

Some homeowners simply add a chain link fence, but you don’t get the quality look or security. 

A wood fence can cost you $3,000 or so, but you often recoup the cost when you sell. 

Replace The Roof

Who looks at a new roof? Well, a lot of people! A 2019 report from the National Association of Realtors found that putting on a new roof will recover 100% or more of its cost.

There are many ways you can make your home look more attractive while boosting the sale price. Some projects can be DIY, but others may require a contractor. Either way, any of the above ideas will enhance the place you call home. 

You should consider a new roof if yours is more than 10 years old because it probably shows signs of wear. This is doubly true if you’re in a part of the US that gets a lot of hail. 

Asphalt shingle roofs are the least expensive, but you might consider more costly options that last longer, such as metal or shake. 

Replace The Flowers And Trees

Having more attractive landscaping in the front yard is always worth the time and money. And your flower garden doesn’t have to be in the backyard – you can assemble a lovely front flower garden that adds spark and value to your home. 

If you place some small shade trees, shrubs, and flowering plants in the front, it can make more people take a look when you sell. And you can enjoy maintaining the garden in the front yard and get to know your neighbors more. 

All these ideas can add appeal and value to your home, so give some of them a try.

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