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The Best Big US Cities to Move to This Year

Best Big US Cities

"Trudging a new place for living or when you're having relocation, you must be having a wish list that might not hit on the right place but there will definitely be new things you will discover while filling the gap of changing city lines."

Choosing or deciding a new place can be very strenuous when you're the one who needs to decide this. What are the key areas that one should consider while choosing a city to live in?

While deciding where to live, there are key areas we have looked upon. Objective and subjective factors both play equal importance while choosing. It's better to understand that no city or town can be perfect in terms of everything some may lack in something or other. It's better to choose a city which will have conditions which are acceptable and have universal appeal.

The things we have taken in account while making a top 6 list of cities to stay in the USA in 2020 are Culture diversity and attractions, job opportunities, level of crime, affordability, liability, walkability etc. And also remember there are towns which are near the metro cities which are equally desirable as well as suitable for living.

1. San Jose, CA

When we talk about the unemployment rate the first city that topped the list is San Jose. The unemployment rate here breathes the least un-employability as compared to other cities of the USA. Job opportunities here are widely opened for the workers situated in the areas of eBay, apply, etc. "San Jose, a heart for silicon valley". While comparing the crime rate, this city has no. Of crimes as compared to other major cities in California. Culture attraction is quite popular as it has the best nightlife and brings a plethora of opportunities in that field too. Undoubtedly, the housing cost here is unexpectedly high but it gets balanced when you have ample job opportunities as well.

2. Sacramento

Affordability hence, Cost of living in Sacramento is much more reasonable as compared to other cities in the US and it tops the list when we take affordability as a key facet to choose a city to live in. This isn't just about good affordability but also is a safe place where crime rates are down to nothing. The rating given to cultural diversity and attraction may be down, don't get disheartened by this because the city has many things to do which not only gives the taste of entertainment but also ample opportunities for career growth. If you're planning to relocate to Sacramento, you can easily call to Sacramento Movers. This is one of the leading companies that can make our moving journey easier. Sacramento moving company helps in the local move as well for the long-distance move.

3. San Diego

People living in San Diego have access to the beautiful sunrise and sunset, beaches, weather etc. The city has a low unemployment rate, proving the best opportunities in the field of education. Educational attainment is a top-notch thing about the city. The only limitation this city amasses is the affordability and huge cost of living which other cities don't have. Also, this is much safer than other cities in terms of violent crimes. San Diego is commonly known as "Finest American city" which attracts people of all ages knowing the fact that this city gives an abundance of happiness in small packets. This city possesses such amazing weather all the seasons that it distinct San Diego from other cities. The culture attraction here is something people crave and rave about.

4. Los Angeles

In terms of affordability and cost of living, Los Angeles is one of the cities in which employee minimum salary packages can help in the sustainability of their own lives. This brings neutrality while comparing the cost of living, Comparing to the cities like San Diego the unemployment ratio is a bit higher regardless of the fact that employees do work in an area which is highly reputed to profound such as Walt Disney Company, university of California etc. The cultural attraction is one thing that Los Angeles gets all the balls around.

The only key area this city is lacking behind is Safety and Security, crimes rates are comparatively higher than in other cities.

5. Bakersfield

Talking about the affordability Sacramento topped the list but after that Bakersfield is the second top city which has the best affordability criteria fulfilled after Sacramento. Brake field is still trudging to become one of the popular metros cities and at the time it may lack in educational factor, crime, attainment but it is growing faster than ever imagine not just giving leading the list at the terms of affordability but also for its cultural attraction. Bakersfield is a home for the music industry giving the best music to people out there. Some legendary singers have been born and brought in the Bakersfield. The popular music genre in Bakersfield is known popularly as Bakersfield sound.

6. Oakland

This city is not one of the major metros cities but it is just 15 minutes away from the east of San Francisco, the job market is interrelated and collated with San Francisco job markets which make this city worth living for those who want to take advantage of the job market, traditions and culture San Francisco possess. Oakland does amass its own culture attraction but it also has a favour of San Francisco. This city doesn't make us happy when we talk of affordability but it does fulfil other key factors such as Cost of living, Cultural attraction, job opportunities etc.

Above were some of the cities that you can think of living in or if you're thinking of relocating to the city lines. It's better to always understand the pros and cons of each city will possess and then decide which one will best suit you. It is always better to "get something near to perfection if not perfection." These were the 6 cities that we mentioned above, that you can think of living in 2020.

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