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Benefits of Pressure Care Cushions for Elderly Persons

lderly people are most likely to suffer from mobility problems. Though it is hard to face the reality the an elderly member of your family is prone to suffer various health issues caused by less movement. People above 70 years of age mostly need a wheel-chair or need bed rest due to their health issues. And, because of that, they often suffer from pressure sores or pressure ulcers.

Pressure ulcers are caused due to continuous pressure on a particular part of the body. The skin gets damaged and ulcers are formed which is very painful. To give them relief from this situation pressure care cushions are innovated. Know the various benefits of pressure care cushions so that you can give the ultimate comfort to the elderly member of your family.

Pressure Care Cushions
  1. Reduce Lower Back Pain: The cushions help reduce lower back pain. Wedge pressure cushions that are used for sitting are designed to distribute the pressure white sitting and give the lower back its natural ‘S’ shape. So, you get a comfortable sitting position.
  1. Relief From Pressure Ulcers: The cushions are made in such a way that it distributes the body pressure evenly throughout its air pockets. So, no particular part of the body feels excessive pressure. As a result, if you have a pressure ulcer in that part, it becomes painless and you get relief from it.
  1. Haemorrhoids Pain Relief: Elder people often suffer from haemorrhoids pain. The memory foam ring cushions are uniquely cut from the centre point so, the wounded area doesn’t feel any pressure while sitting. As the area remains untouched, it recovers quickly.
  1. Helps In Neck Pain: Some pressure care cushions are also used for neck support to provide relief from neck pains which can be caused due to several reasons. These neck support cushions are shaped to fit your neck and give your neck comfort and the required support. They can also be best for those who suffer from neck pain due to long office work.
  1. Reduce Knee Pain: The memory foam knee support cushions are used to support your knees which reduce knee and hip problem by maintaining the correct alignment. You may also use it while sleeping. You can place it in between your knees which prevents contact pressure between both the knees.
  1. No Skin Irritation: These pressure care cushions use a special technique with the air chambers in them that help diversify the body weight when you sit in it or put pressure. This lifts you off the surface to some extent so that you don’t feel too much pressure on your skin. So, even if you sit for a long time, no skin irritation occurs.
  1. Waterproof: An important benefit of these cushions is that they are waterproof. Various problems can occur due to the immobility and weakness among senior citizens and it is necessary to give them a waterproof sitting surrounding all the time. Another benefit you get is the cushions become easy to maintain and last longer due to their waterproof character.
  1. Easy To Carry: These pressure care cushions are soft and can be fit in any place because they contain air pockets. So the structure can fit in anything. Because of that, they are easy to take from one place to another while you are travelling.
  1. Lightweight: The cushions are very lightweight. It is because the same reason that they contain a huge amount of air pockets. So, they mostly have no weight which is a good thing for elder people. They can easily move it as per their convenience.
  1. Comfortable: The last but very important benefit is that these cushions are way too comfortable and give soft to touch for the person using them. They give you a long day of comfortable sitting, a comfortable journey, and comfortable sleeping.
Pressure Care Cushions

So, if the elderly person in your family gets any problem due to pressure or immobility, these pressure care cushions are the best gift you can buy for them.

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