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The Benefits of Frangipanis:
How Can You Grow It Properly?


Frangipanis are beautiful, fragrant flowers that are popular in many parts of the world. The name frangipani comes from the Italian word "frangipane," which means "plum blossom." Frangipanis are actually related to plumeria, another popular tropical flower.

Frangipanis come in a wide range of colors, including pink, orange, red, white, and yellow. They are often used in leis and other floral arrangements. The flowers are typically about four inches in diameter and have a strong, sweet fragrance.

These flowers are popular choices for gardens and landscaping because of their showy flowers and low maintenance needs. If you are looking for a beautiful, fragrant flower to add to your garden, consider growing frangipanis!

How to Grow Frangipanis

Frangipanis are one of the most popular tropical flowers. They are well-known for their beautiful, brightly-colored petals and sweet fragrance. These flowers are native to Central and South America, but you can try growing frangipanis in Australia, the Caribbean, Asia, and other regions.

If you want to grow frangipanis, there are a few things you need to know.


Find a spot in your garden where the plant can get the full sun and away from the wind.


These plants thrive in tropical, subtropical, and even warmer temperature climates. Unfortunately, frangipanis are sensitive to frost. However, once they get used to it, they can tolerate light frosts; thus, it’s worth a try to expose them to cool climates.

Indeed, growing frangipanis in Australia is possible, although it's a country with different climates. You can leave it in the sun during dry seasons while moving it to a safer place during winter. You can also grow it in tropical countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, Columbia, etc.


Luckily, frangipanis isn’t a fussy plant. It suits a wide range of soils but ensures that the soil is well-draining. Avoid heavy clay soils as these plants don’t typically thrive in these soils. However, plant raised beds with a free draining mix if there are any heavy soils. You can also fill potted with a good-quality potting mix.


Do you remember those dry summers in North America or Australia? It is when you should water your plants at least once or twice a week. You’ll know it’s a dry summer, or your plant needs water when the soil feels dry to the touch.

The frangipanis are pretty drought tolerant plants. They will rely primarily on rainfall for water. But of course, a drink once in a while will surely help their growth.


Younger trees and plants grown in containers would benefit from a controlled-release fertilizer applied during spring and summer. You can get the same fertilizers you would use for roses.

Additionally, you can add just a thin layer of cow manure to your tree. It’s an effective mulch, and it can give a gentle feed. On the other hand, older and established trees rarely need any fertilizer, so check your tree to see if it can survive without one.

The frangipanis leaves are long and lovely. It has ribbed blades that give it an extra texture. However, if you utilize a fertilizer high in nitrogen, it can result in a surplus of leaves at the expense of the blooms.


During spring, you can prune it before the leaves grow and the sap starts running. Remove those branches that rub against each other since these are either diseased or dead. Open the middle of the tree for better airflow for the plant.

When adding mulch like cow manure, for example, ensure that it doesn’t touch the tree’s base. Also, be careful when adding mulch to your tree because the trunks are highly prone to fungal disease, especially during wet and cold seasons.

Benefits of Frangipanis

The frangipanis have numerous benefits that you can take advantage of, especially when you grow it right in your garden.

Health Benefits

It’s said that the plant helps alleviate headaches, back pain, and inflammation. In addition, the flower is made commercially into essential oils widely used in cosmetics due to its rich, exotic, and intense fragrance that can calm those who smell it.

It Gives Emotional Healing

When you look at something beautiful, especially nature, it gives you a sense of relief and contentment. The frangipanis have numerous colors and varieties and come with a highly aromatic scent.

Additionally, when taking care of the plant, you can take advantage of the sun's Vitamin D, play with dirt, and be connected with nature. Gardening and taking care of frangipanis is a therapeutic experience by itself.

It’s Used in Skincare

Formulated products of frangipani can help in anti-aging purposes. In addition, it can make the skin supple and toned due to its organic substance, making it perfect for those in their 30s and 40s.

Final Thoughts

Whether you plant frangipanis in your front yard, backyard, or pathway, you can enjoy its strong aroma and summer flowers anywhere. The sweet heavenly scent of this plant will fill your garden and give your garden a pop of rainbow colors. It’s a must-have in households and gardens. So grab your gardening tools now and start planting this plant that will make you fall in love.

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