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Benefits of Living in a Desert

Living in a Desert

When people first think of deserts, they usually don’t think of very hospitable locations. People usually first think of expansive sand dunes and venomous creatures like snakes and scorpions. However, deserts can actually be fantastic places to live, as evidenced by cities like Las Vegas, Phoenix, and many more. There are many positives to living in a desert area, so much so that it could actually be extremely beneficial to your health. So if you end up closing on one of the Las Vegas houses for sale or purchase Arizona real estate, what positives can you expect? Here are some benefits of living in a desert.

Weather and Climate

One of the best things about living in a desert is the warm climate. Most people think of deserts as inhospitable wastelands that are too hot to survive in, but that isn’t always the case. Most deserts are warm, but not too warm. As a result, residents will never have to worry about snowstorms or massive accumulations of ice messing up their commute. In addition, the sun is almost always shining in the desert. There are many health benefits to increased exposure to sunshine, both the physical benefit of being exposed to Vitamin D from the sub and the mental happiness that comes with sunshine. If you’re someone who likes warm weather and lots of sunshine, then you’ll absolutely love the desert climate. 

Access to Outdoor Activities

A very underrated benefit of living in a desert is the easy access to a wide variety of outdoor activities. There are many places in a desert where you can engage in outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, and biking. Many of the country’s best hiking spots and national parks are located around the desert area, further cementing this fact. In addition, you never really have to worry about the weather being too cold or too rainy to be outdoors, allowing you to really take advantage of the great geography. If you’re someone who loves adventuring and outdoor activities like hiking, then you’ll be right at home with desert life. 

Reduced Risk of Infection

Another benefit of living in the desert that many people don’t often think about is the reduced risk of infection for wounds and cuts. Deserts have notoriously dry air, and there is usually little moisture present. Moisture is a key component required for the growth and spread of bacteria, and without it, bacteria has a harder time spreading. Due to this, infections are usually much less common in desert areas, meaning that you’ll likely live a much healthier life. If you’re someone who gets outdoors and banged up often, this can be a huge benefit to you and take a major worry off of your shoulders. 

Less Population

Something that many people don’t consider when weighing the pros and cons of living in a desert is the lowered population and low population density. In areas like New England and New York, many people live in extremely close quarters. At first, you might think that living in a desert might be lonely or isolating, but it does have its advantages. The lowered population means less traffic and crowds, which can be very stressful and annoying in adult life. In addition, you’ll still have neighbors and other local residents, it's just that the population won’t be as densely packed into a small location.

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