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5 Amazing Benefits of Living Green Walls

Living Green Walls

Plants contribute to over 90% of the oxygen we breathe, and they're crucial for absorbing the carbon dioxide around us. From food to medicine, we depend on various types of plants for survival. But have you ever thought about the benefits of plants when it comes to interior design and green walls?

These vertical gardens can be found inside office spaces, most urban environments, and even inside homes. Not only are they artistic to look at, but they have become a great solution for inner cities where there are fewer green spaces.

If you want to learn more, keep reading to find out about some of the benefits of living green walls.

1. Brand Value

When it comes to business design, green walls make a great first impression for anyone entering the building. They make any business appear environmentally conscious and grab the immediate attention of potential clients.

The main benefit here is the sustainability aspect, as it's the best way to increase brand reputation. With more cities leading the way to a carbon-neutral environment, choosing to install living green walls is an integral part of that change.

2. Air Purifying

Plants are natural air filters, and bringing them inside helps to purify the air around you. They filter any toxins in the air and provide a healthier atmosphere to live and work in.

Poor air quality can have damaging effects on our health. In many working environments, employees are exposed to toxins. Installing living green walls is a smart choice for any business.

3. Enhances Biodiversity

By introducing various types of plants and herbs, it forms a habitable ecosystem. Depending on where the green walls are installed, types of birds and insects will benefit from the installation.

Introducing certain types of flowers into the green walls allows bees to pollinate, and bird species to gather insects from the soil. This keeps a healthy natural balance in more urban environments.

4. Temperature Control

Plants can reduce energy costs by their ability to regulate temperature, due to a process called evapotranspiration. The plants reflect the heat on warmer days reducing the need for air conditioning, and on cooler days they insulate, so the need for heating decreases.

5. Well-Being and Stress

As humans, we share a remarkable connection with nature, but in built-up areas, it's harder to come across green spaces.

The plants help to soften harsher environments and reduce symptoms of discomfort. People feel calmer, productive, and generally happier when looking at plants.

To enhance the well-being of your staff, bring some life into your working environment with Phillips Interior Plants. Here you can explore a wide range of plant types and display services to suit your business needs.

Think You Understand the Benefits of Living Green Walls?

Both indoor and outdoor green walls aid in lowering your individual or business carbon footprint. When planted correctly, they can last over 10 years. Be sure to research which plant types will thrive in specific environments, as some will fare better than others.

If you're ready to brighten up your home or working environment and improve morale among employees, then what are you waiting for? It's time to install a green wall.

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