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7 Benefits of Hot Water Extraction
Carpet Cleaning Method

Dirty carpets not only spoil the look of the interior but also affect the health of people. Allergens, germs, moisture, dust particles and many other contaminants get accumulated on the carpet over time. These impurities reduce the life of the carpet. DIY hacks and vacuuming cannot remove dirt and microbes. The carpet must be cleaned deeply by the experts if you want to stay healthy. Hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning service that is widely preferred by experts. This method is chosen by professionals because it offers the following benefits:

1. Eco-Friendly

Detergents and cleaning agents are mostly made up of harsh chemicals. These harsh ingredients are not safe for the environment. In hot water extraction, a machine is used to inject hot water into the strands of the carpets. The hot water efficiently removes the grease, oil, stains dirt and dust particles from the carpets without affecting the fabric or environment. Whether you are a house owner or a business owner, you can consider hot water extraction to maintain a hygienic and clean environment.

2. Kills Bacteria

When moisture and dirt accumulate on the carpet for a few months, the bacteria start to grow. The bacteria affect the indoor air quality and health of the people. Due to the high temperature, the hot water is able to kill the bacteria. Hot water extraction is perfect for sterilising the carpet.

3. Removes the Odours

A carpet releases bad odours when it becomes dirty. The smoke and pollutants get trapped in the carpet and make it difficult for people to even breathe properly. These odours can be cleaned with help of an advanced carpet cleaning method like hot water extraction.

4. Removes Stains

Many kinds of stains from pet urine, coffee, ink, cosmetics, shoes, water, and food are formed on the carpet. When these stains are not removed immediately, they become dark and hard. Hot water is perfect for the removal of these stains. No matter how hard the stains are, the hot water extraction method can be used to eliminate them. The heat breaks down the stain particles and the carpet looks like brand new after the cleaning treatment.

5. Great for Removing Dirt and Debris

Steam cleaning and dry cleaning are some common cleaning methods that can’t remove dirt and debris from the carpet. But, hot water effectively removes the dirt and debris particles from the floor cover. The hot water seeps down the layers of the carpet and this is why professionals prefer this carpet cleaning method to eliminate the dirt.

6. Safe for Skin

If you have sensitive skin, then the hot water extraction method can be a perfect choice. This method is safe for everyone because chemicals are not involved in cleaning. Professionals just add some biodegradable detergent to the machine to remove the stubborn stains. When it comes to the skin and respiratory system, hot water extraction is one of the best techniques.

7. Residue-Free

In methods such as dry shampooing and dry cleaning, a residue is left behind on the carpet fibres. This residue becomes problematic for health. In hot water extraction, no residue is left on the carpet. The dirt and detergents get completely dissolved in the hot water. You will not feel the stickiness on the carpet.


Hot water extraction is a popular, eco-friendly and effective method for carpet cleaning. It is extensively used by experts to eliminate stains, dirt and dust particles from carpets. If you want your filthy carpet to look shiny and neat, then you can choose this method. Make sure that you choose a reliable company that uses advanced hot water extraction machines for cleaning.

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