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5 Benefits of Having an Egress Window

Egress Window

Everyone would agree to the fact, that windows are the most essential architectural aspect of every property, which play a vital role in maintaining the indoor temperature ideal, enhancing energy efficiency and also increasing the home's value.

Homes built prior to 1990 have basement windows which are pretty small in size and offer little benefits. But in the last 20 years, it has become a need for new homes to have windows meeting a specific size minimum in all bedrooms, including those in the basement, which are Egress windows. Not to mention, the basement egress windows installation has several benefits, but first, let's start with understanding what is an egress window.

What is an Egress Window?

In simple words, an egress window is an emergency exit like we have in restaurants and shopping complexes, but the difference is these windows are mostly installed in domestic houses. And there are many things one should know about and how a basement egress window works.

Additionally, according to the International Building Code (IBC), every basement and sleeping room below the fourth story of a home requires at least one “emergency escape and rescue opening.” This can be a skylight, patio door or window, but it must be big enough for a person to escape through and for emergency help to enter through. Which is why, nowadays, most homeowners make sure to get egress windows installed in their homes. 

Also, there can be various uses, as these windows act as a generous source of natural light to enter places like the basement and attic, which were mostly used as storage or laundry rooms. However, now mostly basements are converted into rooms that can be obstructed, and egress windows have become a necessity in homes.

Basically, these types of windows are emergency exits which are used in cases of fire and many other emergencies. And the major reason why this has become a requirement of every home is that, each year due to residential fires, more than 2500 people die and around 7-8 people die in house fires. Hence, it is essential to install an egress window that will help your family members during emergencies.

Mentioned below are a few advantages of basement egress windows: 

  • Good Security in Case of Emergencies

One of the major reasons for installing an egress window in your basement is to allow an escape route for you and your family to use in case of an emergency like fire, natural disaster or any other emergency. Besides, the size of the window is such that, anyone can get through it and the height of the floor makes it easy for most children to reach it.

As mentioned above, the law also requires that you have a window in your basement to ensure that every family member is safe in the event of an emergency. Besides the regulations, you can see that installing the window is for your own good. You can say that, it is something more like a benefit than a requirement by the law.

  • Add Value to the Home

If you really want to add a good amount to the value of your home, then a window system like this in your basement is the first thing you should think about. Because most home buyers like to consider an egress window a crucial aspect and an added advantage. So, having an egress window gives you a better chance at reselling the home than someone without one.

  • Extra Comfort

Basement egress windows are a source of ventilation for the basement. Also, the opening allows natural and clean air to flow into the basement. Not to mention, larger windows in a basement living area will make the space more liveable. Where, you and your family can enjoy spending time, comfortably in a more light-filled area.

  • Adds Aesthetic Value

There are several materials which are used in the construction of an egress window system. And, you can use such types of materials to your advantage to add extra beauty to your home.

It depends on how your homestead is designed. Egress windows look far more beautiful when complemented by a patio area or any other outdoor living space.

  • Flow of Natural Light to the Basement

Besides the natural air, egress basement windows allow natural light into the basement. Which adds to the benefits of comfort. And this makes the basement a well-lit and perfectly functional section of the house. So, when you are in need of renovations later, then you know you are not going to be using a flashlight.

Although, the law requires you to have egress windows, after considering the above-mentioned benefits, installing them should no longer feel like an obligation or regulation one has to adhere to. 

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