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10 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover Ideas

By Alice Bell

A whole kitchen makeover can transform your everyday life, quite literally. A project at a time can help you break down the budget to more friendly terms and in a short have a custom high-end look for your cool house inside.

Upholstered furniture with trundle build wheels, neutral colors, clean linens, exposed wood, and comfort are just but a few of the kitchen makeover ideas you can always look forward to adding to your cuisine design. And of course, these modern kitchen ideas don’t come at a cheap price and if you can’t afford it, hold that thought for a minute! Our small kitchen ideas on a budget are here to meet your needs.

This article focuses on some effective and budget-friendly designing tips to your existing cuisine which would reap financial rewards. Some of these ideas include; applying new paints, updating flooring, using new hardware. Let’s take a closer look at some of the kitchen designing tips we’ve rounded up.

Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Mare your own cuisine as comfy as possible by applying some of these how to update kitchen ideas that will not only raise your property's value but also attract potential buyers:

  1. Update Your Countertops
    This can be one of the most obvious kitchen makeover ideas to change your kitchen’s appearance. It can cost you quite a fortune to remodel your countertop, but if you’re opting for budget-friendly kitchen bar ideas, then today’s options are better affordable and good looking. No worries, creativity rules! A quick DIY countertop idea can be going for white concrete countertops. An off-white color for your countertops makes them look warmer and more versatile. For sure, this rocks! Besides, there's not a limit to what DIY kitchen bar ideas can offer.

    For some reason, buying painting kits have also proven effective. This design scene makes you look more creative. The idea has been practiced since the ‘90’s; you don’t want to miss out on this millennial creativity, do you?

  2. Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers
    Updating your cabinet’s hardware can be a good way to revamp your cuisine. There are many popular kitchen makeover ideas for cabinets out here that could come in handy. You make your own cuisine dated cabinets look new with kitchen designing tips such as vintage glass and faded bronze that could quickly transform your kitchen.

    On the other hand, assuming your cabinets require nothing more than an update, paints can be the best option. Yes, this is a DIY idea that requires you to follow our advice and technique. Most people prefer white color for cabinets, but this shouldn’t stop you from choosing your preferred colors. A quick hack is to use different colors for your cabinet’s look - darker on the bottom and lighter at the top, preferably light grey. If you need help getting started then here's a guide to help you paint your kitchen cabinets.

  3. Backsplash Ideas
    You can as well save on costs in this section. For those who weren’t privileged to have a large kitchen, or let’s just say prefer small kitchens, the backsplash area might appear quite small that fancy tiles would do just fine. However, the backsplash area is more often than not the jewelry of the room, so make it count. At times, all you need is leftover paints and some tape, and you are good to go. This option is less expensive.
  4. Paint Your Kitchen Walls
    An old cuisine look can just be updated by new wall paint. Neutral tones often win as they offer a magnificent backdrop for décor. If you might want to change the colors in the future, use trend colors – accent walls.
  5. Update Hardware
    Just as watches change a person's look, hardware as well as transforms kitchens. You could buy the best boning knife and do away with the dated knobs and switch to more updated and dramatic options and of course, less expensive.
  6. Sink Faucets
    Update your kitchen with new faucets. Sink faucets that come in a wide variety of finishes and styles can also be used to replace the dated ones and give your kitchen a new fresh look. Of note, look out for the number of holes before shopping.
  7. Shelving Ideas
    Get rid of the shelf doors to create an open feel in your kitchen. Then go ahead and apply different colors for the back wall and front look. We'd recommend installing glass doors or maybe be using in-built accent lights.
  8. Spotlights in Key Areas
    Fluorescent lights have so far proven boring. We advocate for spotlights or wall-mounted lamps instead. They’ll light up your working areas and give room for amazing décor.
  9. Crown Molding
    This can offer custom design for your kitchen space saving ideas. It's an important additive to your cookery's custom look to store cabinetry.
  10. Illumination
    Illuminate the cabinet area with rope lights for ambiance. This will purposefully serve to create the right mood for family dinners or even parties. They could also serve as nightlights to aid in kitchen navigation.


The list of kitchen makeover ideas is endless. Whether you apply them all or just one, these kitchen updates breathe new life into your dated cuisine and for a budget-friendly cost. A quick hack is to always keep your countertop and cuisine clean.

What are some of your kitchen knife storage ideas? Do you have special ideas on how to update a kitchen? Share with us!

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