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What You Need to Know Before Calling a Technician to Fix Your Air Conditioner

It is important to maintain your air conditioner in order to keep your home cool and comfortable all year around. It is also important to keep it properly maintained if you want to avoid a long list of problems that has difficult aircon troubleshooting solutions which can occur.

What is the Problem with Your Air Conditioning?

There are a few problems that you need to be on the lookout for when it comes to your air conditioning. For instance, if the machine has been running for some time and then suddenly shuts down, then there is a good chance that it has overheated and needs to cool off before restarting again.

If there is a leak, then there will be sudden drops in temperature in the room or hallways nearby due to the loss of pressure from the system. If there is no apparent leak, but you see water or ice on top of the unit’

What Should I Do When My A/C Doesn't Turn On?

If your A/C doesn't turn on, there are a few aircon troubleshooting solutions you can do to get it working. These steps are applicable to all models of air conditioning units.

  1. Check the circuit breaker. If it's off, turn it on and see if the air conditioner starts working.
  2. Check the fuse or circuit breaker. If either one has blown, replace them with new ones and try again.
  3. Check for loose wiring or a tripped breaker switch in the electrical panel. Fix any of these problems before attempting to turn on your AC again.
  4. Make sure that there is no obstruction in the flow of outside air into the unit so that it can cool your home effectively.
  5. Inspect all connections leading from the outdoor

How Do I Clean My Air Conditioner?

Cleaning your air conditioner can lead to a more efficient and healthier system. By cleaning your air conditioning unit you can make sure that the filters are free from dirt and debris, which can clog up the system and cause it to work less efficiently.

It is recommended that you have your air conditioner cleaned every year by a professional, but there are simple steps that you can take at home as well.

There are some basic rules to follow when cleaning an air conditioner:

All you need to do is set up a time when you can do it in the morning or in the evening when you have free time and follow these steps:

The first thing you want to do is vacuum out your air conditioner's filter. This will prevent any dirt or dust from being blown back into your home when you turn it on again.

Next, take a brush and scrub off any buildup around the grills with hot water and dish soap. This includes grills around vents where dirt, dust, bugs, and other debris can accumulate.

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