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How to Keep Your Bathroom Up to Date
Without Drastically Redoing It

If your bathroom lacks the wow factor, don't fret. You can easily give it a refresh with just a few new accessories. Sometimes all you need is just the right towel or shower curtain to create that spa feels at home! Just follow these easy steps for how to update any bathroom without redecorating.


Gain instant glamour by adding more lighting. If you're not already using an overhead light in your bathroom, it's time for an upgrade. Not only will adding some extra lighting make your space look larger, but changing out your light fixture can be extremely inexpensive and easy to do yourself with under-$50 models found online or at any hardware store. Then use mirrors strategically throughout the space to make your space look bigger and brighter.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Adding mirrors is another easy way to instantly update any bathroom. We love this frameless full-length mirror to open up the room and give it that chic hotel feel! Place them behind your sink or above your toilet (like in the picture above) for an instant makeover!

Towels & Rugs

Replace old dingy towels with new fluffy ones or update old puffy rugs with bright modern patterns. It's an inexpensive way to breathe new life into anything you already own so there's no need to go out and buy all new stuff. If you're not satisfied with what you currently have, treat yourself to a few new pieces to freshen up your space!


Top your towels with pillows and baskets for simple storage, purchase new decor, or updated accessories like candleholders to spruce things up. We love these gold-bordered mirrors and this black and white chevron towel set as easy additions that make a big impact!

Modern Toilet Tanks

Add some modern style to your bathroom by updating the look of your toilet tank. If you haven't already switched out your old one, these modern flushing toilets are an easy update for any space!

Interchangeable toilet tanks are new and innovative options that can add a new modern look without needing to redo the entire toilet. They come in a variety of colors and finishes, making them easy to change up your look whenever you're ready for a change.

Toilet Paper Holders

Upgrading to a modern toilet paper holder is another simple way to instantly refresh your bathroom that doesn't break the bank. Plus there's no need to get rid of what you already have - just replace it as we did with this metal version. Plus it comes with all the hardware you'll need (and installation instructions too!)

Bathroom Cabinets

Update your bathroom cabinets with new hardware, switch up white or dark wood for stainless steel or silver knobs, or replace old dated pulls with clean modern ones.

Bathroom cabinets are a great way to add dimension and texture to your space. Just like accessories, they're easy ways to update your bathroom without redecorating!

Decorative Shelves

Another way to add height and dimension to a space is with decorative shelves. They create the effect of multiple pieces in one or allow you to display decor that would otherwise be tucked away in storage. Plus there are so many unique styles that it's easy to find something perfect for any style!

Bathroom Fixtures

Update your bathroom fixtures by changing out handles, replacing showerheads/faucets, and updating towel racks with new finishes. You can also add in smaller details like toilet seat covers which are an easy way to update any space!

Tub and shower combos

Tub and shower combos are another easy update that doesn’t require any major work. There are so many different looks to choose from when it comes to tubs! If your space is limited, try adding in a glass wall or half-wall shower enclosure for an open feel without losing too much space. Make sure you look for one that includes a showerhead, plus they're super easy to install!

Tub Tile

Adding new tile is another great way to freshen up your space without breaking the bank. And you can easily change out tiles in specific spots or go all-out and replace them with a contrasting color or pattern. Black and white marble tiles are a classic choice but you can also switch things up by adding in color or going for different shapes and sizes!

There you have it! Few simple ways to update your bathroom on a budget without sacrificing personality. If you're not satisfied with all the same-old, same-old in your space, these ideas will help jazz things up and breathe new life into your home!

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